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Thread: Great Game! Thank You BI!

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    Great Game! Thank You BI!

    So, now that the official game is out I can truly say - AWESOME GAME! Of course there is room for improvement but BI, you are right on the ball here. This has been a game many simmers have been waiting for for a long long time...and your creative thinking, improving gamplay with existing tools(i.e. the mission where you get shot down, then fighting enemy on the ground while waiting for extraction...) is brilliant.

    Your good work is being talked about and I will continue to encourage others to purchase your products(Including my 30 member clan) - you seem to take real pride in your products, something that is very rare these days with game developers.

    THANK YOU for your hard work BI, you have done an amazing job!

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    You don't want to know.
    Another happy customer!!!

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    Yep I've long thought about a story driven sim. I can't wait for community misisons and mods to take off!

    Don't stop here, time to start working on an expansion - new map, new choppers more story.

    Unfortunatley i seem to be having codec issues with my video editors. Otherwise I'd be putting up heaps of youtube videos.

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    i agree also i love this game thx to BI

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    I agree.

    I had the same feeling flying over seatle when i did in a real chopper above the cariban. Not even ARMA got me that feeling but TOH did . (even X-plane failed in that and thats a full-blown simulator). So kudos ... now introdcue a bit more helicopters (especially the ones from arma

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    Really happy with this game too. I'm hoping to see a story expansion soon - as i've gone through the campaign already!

    Still playing the heck out of the time trials and haven't touched the mp yet...

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