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Thread: Where is flight path marker on HUD?

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    Where is flight path marker on HUD?

    It was available in beta version...Is it dorpped from the release game?

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    use the yellow needle in your cockpit, the arrow points towards the waypoint but the heavy doesn't have it.

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    oh and one more thing, you can press the j key to view your objectives. the marker will appear for a few seconds and fade away, just press the j key to activate it again.

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    I don't have the game, but there might be a "permanent hud" difficulty setting or something that will keep them on forever. Yellow needle? The "HSI" one? Big chopper class comes without "HSI"? Yikes...
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    there is a a basic attitude indicator for the helicopter poisitioning, and a travel direction indicator if you enable it. for the virtual hud that is.
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    By flight path marker i meant velocity vector...its the indication in which direction the chopper is flying, and its great tool when using external was available in beta

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    oh that... ewwww.... you're not flying an apache attach helicopter you don't need it.

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