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Thread: RPGs Taking Pistol Ammo Slots (Crash)

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    RPGs Taking Pistol Ammo Slots (Crash)

    I have my own custom config. One of the things I thought was brilliant was LAW/RPG/AT/M203 ammo taking up pistol ammo slots instead of main ones. It worked perfectly for every mission and campaign I played; no problems. Then I re-played the Resistance campaign.


    Basically, if I end any mission with my men carrying RPG ammo, the game crashes as soon as I hit the next mission briefing (before I actually get to the briefing; but after the cutscene). If I tell them to drop the ammo before the mission ends, it works fine.

    I'm guessing this has something to do with Resistance's ammo pool feature. My question...what can I do to fix it? Obviously, regular pistol ammo doesn't cause the game to crash. I really enjoy grenadiers and LAW men being able to carry the same ammo load regular soldiers do, while carring LAWs and M203s. I don't want to give that up.

    Some solutions I tried:

    - I also tried making LAW ammo magazinetype=0 (instead of magazinetype=32), so it doesn't take up a slot at all. But now soldiers can carry unlimited amounts. Is there a way to limit it?

    - Here's my edited RPGLauncher config:

    class RPGLauncher:LAWLauncher
    displayName="RPG-22 Launcher";
    displayNameMagazine="RPG-22 Rocket";
    shortNameMagazine="RPG-22 Rocket";
    magazineType="4 * 32";

    class RPGRocket:RPGLauncher
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    You might have to delete your saved games. Weapons info is stored there and if there is a change it could crash.
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    Even if it's a reverted campaign? I started over and played from the beginning. Do the saves still effect it? I guess I could delete the Saved folder and try again. I'll get back to you.

    Edit: I tried deleting the Saved folder, but after a false alarm, it still doesn't work.

    What caused the false alarm was I deleted magazines= from the config. Now RPGLauncher would use only "RPGLauncher" as its magazine - instead of "RPGRocket." I did that and the game didn't crash... but it caused bigger problems.

    - There's problems with RPGLauncher with magazinetype=32. For some reason, I can't select the magazine in the weapon selection screen. It's just not there; it's gone. But SoldierGLAW comes with the ammo and it's there. But if I get get rid of his weapon, then I try to add it back -- it's gone again! Why does it work OK with RPGRocket, but not RPGLauncher as the magazine?

    If I can figure that out, it'll also solve the Resistance crash.
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    I SOLVED IT! I put this into LAWLauncher config:

    weaponType="16 + 4096";

    For some reason, that works. Everything works perfectly now.

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