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Thread: Flight dynamics (important issues)

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    BI updated it this/last Monday yep.

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    Hi !

    Maybe something is wrong with my game. The heli physics are so sensitive i can't fly with a joystick. Nothing wrong with the joystick. I tested some other gamepads. Always the same problem.


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    Possible bug here, need confirmation. The Hind, as most of you probably know, for quite some time holded the speed record for helicopters with 368.4 km/h. Which is ~200knots. Despite that in Take On the speed gauge in SuperHind has the red (never exceed speed) range starting from ~140knots. I've made some small test today morning. Picked up the hind without ammo and tanks with half fuel. Started gently, accelerated to 260km/h and flew stright for about 10 min, than landed. During flight speed varied from 260 km/h to 300km/h. No harsh turns, no violent controls movement. As soon as hind reached 260km/h it started to shake slightly making "brake engine noice". After landing the sound and shake remained proving that helicopter is permanently damaged. The question is, is it only on my version or there is such bug already reported and I didn't find it? Or, what I can hardly belive, nobody noticed that yet? Or maybe somehow the max hind speed is less than 260km/h?

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    It concerns not only Super Hind but all Hinds in addon, for me its a bug of damege model. You can fly ahead without any big G-force and this shake will be present too.
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    Umm guys, have you checked your torque while doing this?

    Afaik VNE/max speed is for retreating blade stall, but it might not even be reachable if you are too heavy. Please verify that the torque is not yellow/red while in flight

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    Quote Originally Posted by Serclaes View Post
    Umm guys, have you checked your torque while doing this?

    Afaik VNE/max speed is for retreating blade stall, but it might not even be reachable if you are too heavy. Please verify that the torque is not yellow/red while in flight
    Of course it might not be reachable if heli is too heavy, thats why i left my weapons, gunner and half of fuel at base. And still flying stright doing literally NO manouvers the damage occurs.
    I don't know, maybe my torque gauges don't work properly but no matter how hard I try the needles on those gauges don't want to go higher than 20%. I don't know what, but something is wrong here.

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    maybe its too far but Does anyone know what is causing this?



    in this the shock came fron landing:

    I heard it must be induced by some rumble, but htis isnt the case here. So has it something to do with the rotor speed?
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    Hi Guys,

    Just checking back in here. I haven't bothered with toh since march due to the poor flight model. Has the flight model been improved upon since the initial hinds release? Debating if I should reinstall the game. Thanks

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    Hello all...

    Reporting back in after quite a while away from this game (real life interfering, computer breakdowns etc etc). What I noticed when flying again was that the choppers didnt behave at all as I remember them doing? Now Im flying straight from the STEAM install without no mods or alterations to the flight dynamics. I remember modding something about the FD the last time which made the flying more enjoyable. Now it feels like the chopper (esp the light ones) behave like a RC helicopter.

    So, the question is. Is there some solution to this or are everyone happy with the way the game works?

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