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Thread: HeadTracking settings

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    HeadTracking settings

    Here are some screenshots as requested. I thought I'd start a new thread so others could post their settings for trackIR which I don't have. Sensitivities had to be cut quite a lot to find a sweet spot. You might want to up the X sensitivity a bit, but this is how I've set it up. Actually zoom is the critical one I think, x and y not so much in this sim.
    EDIT: For those who can't find the analogue zoom, It can be found in the All controls category and is labeled Zoom in continuous.

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    Thanks mate!

    I'll test those settings later today, hope it will be a good starting point for me to tweak everything

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    Good Job...

    So it Seems that Freetrack Supports TOH?
    But How will it work? I have my baseballcap. I Start Freetrack 2.2 and Press "Start". The Head will turn like my Head turn. OK. I Start the Game, but nothing happens..
    I Try to Configure the Controller-Options and Change the "TrackIR" Configurations (like "Head Turn (Analog)") but nothing will be "Input"..
    How can i support Freetrak in TOH?

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    Go to Options > Controls > Controllers, there you'll find your joystick and freetrack. Click freetrack and activate it below. That should be enough.

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    Just finished the whale mission with this settings and it works perfect. Its still a little hard to look around and keep the bird steady, but at the end of the mission it got better.

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    Don't forget about FaceTrackNoIR:

    Similar to fretrack, but no need for a modded camera or LED cap.

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    That looks interesting.. But..
    Can anyone Explain, how it (really) works?

    I have download the Programm and the Patch to 1.5. After this i became an Error Message, that an dll is missin. After some Search in the web I know that I have to install "FaceTrackingAPI". So I do and after that the Programm works.
    So I "Play with the Settings" - Take the ARMA Profile, Set the "Game Protocol" to "FreeTrack" and the "Tracker Source" to "FaceAPI". After I Press the "Start" Button an s/w Picture of me appears. After some Seconds the Face-Tracker works and I can see an yellow Wireframe "on my Face", that will follow my Eyes (and Nose).

    In Take On Helicopters (TOH) i set the Controller "FreeTrack" to "enabled". But in the Game the Sight will do "anything" but not what "I Do". So i can see only my Knee's of my Charakter. After some Seconds I see Straight forward. Every Move of my Head do nothing in Game. Sometimes, I look Straight right or Down. But never "real looking" like the Head.

    Can anyone Explain, How i configure the programm?

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    I am having no luck getting FaceTrackNoIR working within ToH. I have it enabled, and it is assigned to the controls, but does nothing in game. Any ideas?

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