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Thread: Take On Helicopters | Photography only, no discussion here

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    Didn't find any eggs. No omelet for breakfast today.

    Full size screen here

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    Flying at 4625 meters

    Couldnt post direct the screenshot dont know why , so take the link. Image was 95kb
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    Somewhere in Seattle. Best sky in a game ever

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    Some Pics - I'll add more as I go.

    Small Pictures

    Large Pictures

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    Happy Thanksgiving!

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    Take on the Nam

    Cold LZ extraction

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    Was out flying around Seattle yesterday evening... Made a drop-off of my passenger on top of the Space Needle.

    Picture from cockpit as I´m closing in on the Needle for the pick-up off my passenger

    The plan was to make a quick touch & go to let him get aboard the bird again. What happened next was that I did, what I think, quite a nice landing on the catwalk around the Needle. But before I could react the chopper was thrown sideways by wind (or by bad pilot inputs) and my fellow companion got an unwanted close contact with my tail rotor... RIP

    The chopper´s rotor hit the roof of the building and shattered. I managed to get out before it crashed but was stranded on top of the Space Needle myself.
    Nothing more to do than sit down, relax and have a smoke and wait for someone to pick me up...

    Nice view from up here...

    After a while when I realized that no one was coming for my rescue (guess my "friend" was a little pissed off after I chopped him to pieces) I did the only thing I could do -a BASE jump... Too bad I forgot the parachute....

    End of story...

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    This is how NOT to fly the C-130... I guess i should gain some altitude before trying to make a loop ´=)
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