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Thread: GamersGate Queens Gambit wont install

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    GamersGate Queens Gambit wont install


    I have Arma Atari version and Queens Gambit from the GamersGate. When I click autorun, the splash has install and play greyed out and I can not go any further from there.

    Ive tried to install on ARMA 1.08 (official patch download), ARMA 1.08 (patch from gamersgate install folder), and ARMA 1.14. All with no success.

    There is no setup.exe in the installation folder and I would prefer not to manually install it.

    Is there a solution to this?


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    You have a zip file with all files with an addons folder, ect,.?
    Manual is easy if you have all the files, just throw them into the main Arma directory and then setup your shortcut.
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    Can only guess here but you're using Windows 7 maybe?

    Try to start the autorun.exe as Administrator and in Windows XP compatibility mode.

    Right click on autorun.exe->Properties->Compatibility tab

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