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Thread: Need Help with some Scripting Lessons!!!

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    Lightbulb Need Help with some Scripting Lessons!!!

    I am new to ArmA, and I DL'd the Crown Vic Police Mod, but I do not know how to script the laptop and radar to work. Can someone give me some pointers to tell me what I need to do? I also would like to know what programs can be used to create new blank maps, and re-modify Soldiers, I want to make Law Enforcement MP's and MP Police vehicles..... The help would be much appreciated, Thank You.

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    Hello RedlegMP727,

    Here are some references to help you out for scripting overall:

    ArmA 2: Mission Editor

    Mission Editing and Scripting Information


    ArmA Edit

    Squint - the sqf editor and error-checker

    For unpboing (extracting) of pbos:
    Eliteness2.88.rar is good
    ExtractPbo1.80.rar is good, I use this all the time
    other can reccomend what they use that work too

    BIS Wiki Resource

    ArmA: Introduction to Scripting(cant find the Arma2 version)

    Debugging Techniques


    Scripting Commands by Functionality

    WarMod Series - A Massive Addon & Mod Customizable Compilation mod for Arma1, Arma2,CO & soon Arma3 IFA3
    Mission Repository - Hosting Missions & Files for Iron Front: Liberation 1944
    WW2Epic - A Compilation Archive of Photos, Music, Videos, & References of WW2
    AI Compilation List of Addons/Mods/Scripts & Misc for Arma3

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    To Günter Severloh;

    Thank You, I hope I can figure it out and get my mods to work correctly. I have ArmA 1, so I hope these will work from the ArmA 2. Hope this stuff isn't too crazy to understand.
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    Your welcome.
    It will work in Arma2.

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