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Thread: Act of Valor (film)

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    Act of Valor (film)

    Act of Valor (IMDb)
    Act of Valor Trailer (YouTube)

    Apparently the movie uses real Navy SEALs as the actors. Wondering what you guys thought.
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    Best part was the BF3 advert at the end :P

    Looks like ya standard 'US hoora! we're here to kick arse Hollywood shooter, except with real navy seals?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Katipo66 View Post
    Looks like ya standard 'US hoora! we're here to kick arse Hollywood shooter, except with real navy seals?
    When they get to the Hollywood movie, the real Navy SEALs are too...

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    Looks entertaining, very much like the unit, I'll give it a chance.

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    Props on the cinematography. Though, the dialogue sounds shit and cliché. A lot of "cliché-ish" cinematography too, but it at least that looks well done.

    I agree with Katipo66.
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    Looks like a bunch of fairy stories which i would tell my children before they go to bed, about our protectors, noble as knights from olden times fighting evil villains and rescue woman from haunted forest.

    Seriosly, what is that? Alex Jones talked about a SEAL movie which will come out, right after the Bin Laden Raid thing happend. But he said its more likely that James Cameron will make that movie.

    I don't like where this is going.
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    I quite like the look of it. If done well, it could be a really nice and perhaps pretty realistic take on SEAL operations, and the lives of SEALs in general. Although, I am not expecting much from the acting department as, although SEALs can do some incredible things, I'm not entirely convinced that they can carry movie roles, especially if they are the only actors playing the main characters.

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    They can't be any worse than DiCaprio...

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    Movies = fun.
    Real stuff = Documentaries.

    Why raging?

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    Probably a mediocre action flick, but little more.
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