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Thread: ArmA 3: Community wishes & ideas|NO DISCUSSION

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    Quote Originally Posted by gonk View Post
    Make it compatible to this.. http://tngames.com/products
    kids nowdays -.-

    i guess i am filled up with suggestions

    1- make the player and the enviroment interactive between them, if its raining, id love to see your vision going blur because of the water, same with snow and dirt
    2- let the AI do the same things player's do, support fire, smoking, and make them act just like real life players
    3- let you chose the different skills for the AI, dont just select their inteligence, make it so you can chose, for example:
    a) their FOV (not every soldier have the same field of view)
    b) their weapon's control (depending from every weapon)
    c) their speed, either running or their agility to swap weapons or change stance
    d) how smart they are.

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    New weapon

    Add the ACR rifle with different customs and variants on there.

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    3D Ammo Box "Menus": As in, when you open an ammo box to view weapons and equipment, that you would see the 3d models of every item. The menu layout would have to be different, of course. Maybe where the primary weapon currently is, there could be a preview screen or something for each item. Would really be great for weapons and their attachments.

    Also, since there will be face, headgear, eyewear, clothing, and gear customization, hopefully the profile customization screen will show the character's full body.

    One nitpicky request for the profile screen: Could we have the option of manually rotating the 3d preview?

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    Perhaps something as simple as a script list in the editor, so that anyone who isn't fluent with BIS' scripting language doesn't need to tab out to find a script on an external webpage.
    Another thing I would love to see is a slider or value box to set a unit's height, this would be much more simple and easy then the current scripts required, or perhaps a module that detects when the unit is placed in a building and gives you a selection of floors to place the unit on.
    Anyways, these are just some ideas I had

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    Audio improvements such as:
    - Echoes with geometric displacement. Outside = echoes. Indoors = staccato.
    - Better doppler/engine rpm handling depending on amount of air being moved and over what area it is compressed. For example, helicopters move lots in a wide area, jets move a lot in a small area.
    - Decibel saturation and sound absorbing environment. Shots ring far over seas, not very far in a snowy forest. Very loud indoors.

    Animation and movement:
    - Simulation of human like agility by letting you go sideways through door openings with the gun up.
    - Torso split. So that you can shift your aim left and right without the feet moving with it until required.
    - Dismemberment
    - Wet clothing affects movement. Could be displayed on the avatar as just a shader that darkens affected limb.
    - Long term fatigue. I.e 45 minutes of constant running makes you loose fine motor skills (aim) until rested 5-10 minutes.
    - Realistic falls and recovery. Stepping off a 1 meter drop (like many house fronts in takistan) should compress your legs for a small time. But not halt forward movement.
    - Vaulting over knee high objects should be automatic when running. Transition must be fluent not to loose pace.
    - Random tumble if sprinting recklessly

    Weapon systems:
    - Geostationary locking on weapon pods. Allows you to observe a target while on the move. Like the litening pod in dcs games.
    - Recoil should shake a bit more when unstabilized.

    - Radio simulation like @acre that is not dependent on third party apps (teamspeak).
    - Voice sound samples should sound like they're from the same sentence. Orders in arma2 doesn't flow.
    - Target direction should be bearing in degrees if far away.
    - AI should have reaction times. Instead of all AI turning and running at the same time towards a target in perfect formation, there should be random lag in their communication.

    - Full positive and negative joystick ranges for better throttle accuracy.
    - Jets should simulate 6DOF movement (instability at lower speeds and over-G) and have onboard voice warnings of stall/ground impact/over-G.

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    An addition to the the current freelook behaviour, like we discussed it here:
    It aims for smoother and more natural movement, with no more double Target aquisition needed while in Freelook.

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    - please improve the squad command system, both in the mission editor and in-game. we need to be able to tell a squad to "defend this position from assault from that direction" and they will intelligently position themselves. or maybe i just need to sort out my connection and get playing online lol.

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    The ability to copy & paste waypoints with their preset parameters

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    An undo/redo button in the editor

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