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Thread: Possible fix to improve rate of descent and autorotations

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    Possible fix to improve rate of descent and autorotations

    Place an md500 in the editor and put this in the init field:

    this setCustomWeightRTD 475

    The problem with this, is that because TKOH does not simulate translational lift, taking off becomes very unrealistic as you have to add more and more torque. The good part is, it makes flat pitch descent rates more realistic and lifting off from a hover requires more collective and little bit more torque.
    I didn't really try autorotations yet but it should in theory, help keep the RPM in the green.

    The moral of the story: the helicopter weight is set too light by default but without effective translational lift included, increased weight causes other problems. If BIS doesn't implement translational lift I think it could be done with scripting.

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    On the main Take On page, more specifically the technology checklist page, it says transitional lift with a green check right next to it.

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    yeah i have noticed that with more passengers on board that the heli started to fly more like the real thing, that hovering took a lot more collective and descending actually feels like descending. So i just tried out your code and here's what i got. even with the increased amount of collective i need to pull there's no right yaw from torque, also the ground effect bouncing has becoming almost unmanagable overexaggerated.
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