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Thread: Visual aid for picking up cargo

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    Quote Originally Posted by BoboCZ View Post
    Great idea! I like it.
    How it is in real life, foreman give you order via walkie-talkie? This way it would be also interesting.
    In real life, you take the doors off and stick your head out the door looking straight down.

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    The other important part is knowing when you get on tension. I think the foreman or someone should tell you something like, forward... forward... left.... steady steady.... 10 ft slack, 8 ft, 3 ft, 1 ft... you're on tension. Knowing how much slack you have is pretty important so that you know to come up slowly onto tension. It would be neat for the rope or cargo hook to break if you get on tension too hard.

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    I agree that some direction should be given like Buznee suggested. Almost like the POLICE mission where the guy saying "too fast", "good height", "too far", etc., while you are trying to hover over the building so they can fast rope down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zoog View Post
    Interesting. I've been testing again for the last hour picking up and dropping cargo. I have the same gripes with dropping the cargo. The cargo is visually located exactly on the marker, it's on the roof, next to the foreman. I'm flying in a hover with virtually no speed, different altitudes and still the cargo isn't dumped. Very very frustrating, especially if you can see the freakin cargo nice and well on the exact location it should be dropped. Just spend over 10 minutes trying to get the game to actually recognize that the cargo is in the right spot, altitude is right etc. without any luck. This completely ruins these cargo missions for me

    Maybe it only allows you to drop the cargo when at the exact right altitude. But I tried different ones from really close to pretty high, I can see the cargo sitting on the concrete but nothing happens. At least there should be some cues as to why the cargo is not dropped (ie. speed, altitude is wrong etc.). In the mission summary there also is no info about the right circumstances for the game to recognize picking up or dropping cargo.
    ok i think i know your guy's problem, so here's the trick. make sure when you're coming towards the building where you drop off the cargo you come in high so that the altittude of the cargo is "ABOVE" the building top. hover steady and lower the cargo to the ground, make sure the cargo line isn't too slack when the cargo hits the floor so you can drag it to different locations on the building top to try and trigger the unhook process.

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    It´s not so difficult.

    -While in autohover, you can do very fine movements in all directions using cyclic controls. Use the crosshairs / dots in the VVI to do fine tuning the movement in the horizontal plane. It shows you where you are moving, so counter this movements.

    -do a complete autohover a few meters in front of the mark point, use pedals to center on the mark point, approach slowly until the height over ground is equal to the distance to the markpoint shown. Then you hover directly or at least very close to the mark point.

    -then sink slowly while hovering, normally about 30 ft over ground the slingload will be attached / cleared.

    I would really fancy to have a PIP where you could look directly downwards.

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    I didn't have any trouble with the cargo on Expert. Use G to temporarily show transparent map to direct you, and use external view sometimes, as it is allowed on Expert by default (thank heavens!) and is thus not cheating.

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    I agree with the Original poster! I would like to see something similar introduced into the game!

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    Quote Originally Posted by OMAC View Post
    as it is allowed on Expert by default (thank heavens!) and is thus not cheating.
    Yeah, great! Sign of things to come (to A3)? Only three difficulties and we can no longer be guaranteed to find no 3rd person servers?
    Carl Gustaffa - left this game due becoming Steam Exclusive

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    External view can be disabled on Expert if you like...

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    Ohh mirror, pretty mirror tell me where my load is...

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