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Thread: FlyBy View ????

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    Quote Originally Posted by PurePassion View Post
    have you tried double tapping ALT? (after ENTER)
    Isn't that just free look?

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    @ maddogx

    yeah it is! I didnt realize he was talking about the real flyby camera you see later in the video

    fingers faster than the brain ^^

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    sorry, my English is poor.

    Where can I open a ticket on the TOH CIT ??

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    First create an account at http://dev-heaven.net.
    Confirm it with link in the mail you will get and then login with your account.

    Here you can see existing tickets:

    Here you can open open new ones:

    Here you can read about the (ArmA) CIT in general:

    Current active projects: None

    Maintained/assisted projects: IFA3, Blitzkrieg

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    I opened a ticket
    thank you


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    Merci SAGEA

    It is a start - you should really add more detail to it though, like the sample video.
    Otherwise the devs might not understand you as you see in this thread.

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    i added a video reference to that issue, hope its in line with sageas' idea...

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    This is the ticket for those who want to vote it:

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    This shouldn't be very hard to do with an addon later on if BIS decides against it.

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    I voted, sure for yes
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