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Thread: Tdm 08 flyby

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    Tdm 08 flyby

    For Take On Helicopters, a 4 vs 4 TDM map with two teams (OPFOR vs BLUFOR).

    You have to land on a specific spot to change the flag's color and meanwhile prevent the other team from taking it. You get twin M134 miniguns to shoot down the enemy helicopters. One team gets the white light helis, the other teams gets the black ones.

    You'll get an explanation how the scoring system works in the mission notes.

    The actual area you'll need to land at to capture the area (trees and buildings around, so be careful):

    For orientation the flag is in an area with three large masts, and the flag is also marked on the map:

    Download link

    Have fun
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    HAha ! nice !

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    That sounds like fun!
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    Looks nice! Thank You.
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    Very good idea. Thank you kindly.

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    Sounds really cool, thx!

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    You have an option to set it to TDM, so then only kills count. Default is 1 flag C&H though.

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    when you make it for seattle city, some flags above skyscrapers, some down to the ground, a dream would come true for me!

    edit: i tried to get it to work. No luck. put the folder in documents/take on helicopter and tried it in mainfolder, then in a new mpmissions folder and so on...
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    so i tried hosting the map, but it seems i'm the only one able to get into a chopper. furthermore nobody can ride in my chopper and i also can't get out of the chopper.

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