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Thread: Operation Flashpoint patch problem

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    Exclamation Operation Flashpoint patch problem

    I cannot patch Operation Flashpoint , v1.00 to v1.20.
    1. I click on the OFPPatch_Upgrade_1_20.exe.
    2. It come out a box write "Please insert the correct CD-ROM, select OK and restart application".
    3. I select OK and restart application again.
    4. It does not fix any more.

    Please help me fix this problem.

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    from your other post I had seen
    I cannot patch operation flashpoint: cold war crisis. I am trying to patch it v1.00 to v1.20 but when i click on
    the OFPPatch.exe it came out a box wrote "Please insert the correct CD-ROM, select OK and restart application".
    download the patches.

    refer to this part of the page for OFP:

    get the Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis Patch 2 (1.00 -> 1.20)
    then once you have that patched, then get the other patches after, but once you patched then be sure
    to go into the game and look on the menu to see if your game is updated to the patch you applied.

    also please follow the forum rules:
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    best to ask during the day when most folks are around, asking at like 2am will get you one if any answers, so think ahead before you post,
    as well as heed the forum rules, moderators around here dont take to kind to folks breaking their rules, just giving you a heads up.

    But look on that page and see what we you need, dont post anymore threads!
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    Why bother patching?

    All he needs to do is download ArmA: CWA, use his OFP: CWC cd-key, and he will have both OFP: Cold War Crisis and OFP: Resistance patched to the latest version.
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    Good idea, but theres no download on that page.
    Can he download, the update basically a patch that enable his game to upgrade to CWA
    which i recall seeing somewhere on the forums here been a while, or does he have to actually buy the new version?

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    All you have to do is :
    -having your OFP serial/cd key
    -download CWA there :
    -Start installing CWA and enter your OFP serial/cd key when asked (if you had already OFP installed, the CWA installer will find the serial/cd key automatically)

    Once finished installed, you have the same as OFP CWC + the expansion Resistance.

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