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Thread: goty edition problem

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    goty edition problem


    When i click to ~campaign~ in game menu it freezes up my computer and i have to restart. How can i solve it?

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    Few questions,

    what are your computer specs:


    what version of the game do you have?
    make sure your game is patched to the 1.96

    an option
    is to go into the Operation Flashpoint Main directory, find the campaigns folder,
    delete it and then open your disc up find the campaigns and put a new copy of the campaign in the directory.
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    my computers specs are:
    -Intel Pentium Dual CPU @ 1.73 GHz 795 MHz
    -0.99 GB of Ram
    -Mobile Intel 965 Express Chipset Family
    -Windows Xp

    and my game is patched to 1.96

    I ve tried the option you told but it didnt work...

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    those are low specs.

    other then the campaign how about the sp missions, have you tried a test in the editor to see if the game runs ok there?

    Because if the sp missions, and editor do the same thing then i can maybe say its down to your computer specs that is giving you the issue.

    Even though Arma2 and OA require higher specs, OFP is not that far off in its demands.

    Try those and see what you get.

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    Have you played any custom campaign before?

    If so then open your UserInfo.cfg file (it is located in Operation Flashpoint - GOTY\Users\Your User Name\) with Notepad and find the line:
    currentCampaign="name of the last campaign";
    and delete the whole line.

    Shall help
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    I can play the game in single mission but it freezes either after 5-10 mins.
    I think the problem is with my specs. But the thing i dont understand is when i bought the cd (3 years ago) i could run the game on a lower spesificated pc.

    Rozek, thanks for replying but i didnt played custom campaign before.

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    Im going to narrow it down to your CPU, and or temp issues.
    Check the temps (temperature) for your cpu and GPU, as if both are running higher then normal your game will freeze after the temps have reached a certain point.

    then too your cpu processing ability, with your low ram can make freezing possible as theres not enough memory.

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