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Thread: Game on helicopters: beta multiplayer

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    Try creating a folder titled MPMissions in your profiles folder, typically located at:
    C:\Users\<your user name>\Documents\Take On Helicopters Other Profiles\<your profile name>
    And then stick the mission files in there. We've had reports that this works.

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    This doesn't work for me using the dedicated server -server command :/

    here is the mission (untested):


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    Okay, confirmed, you have to have mpmissions folder like so in the C:\Users\"user name'\Documents\Take On Helicopters\mpmissions. Problem I'm having now is being able to select empty as side. Sometimes it doesn't show up and I can't figure out how to make it show up.
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    Place a Player unit on the map first and then you can create Empty units.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Charles View Post
    This doesn't work for me using the dedicated server -server command :/

    here is the mission (untested):

    i am only able to host this mission as an unpacked folder (pbo-view) in documents.......take on helicopters other profiles....
    system specs:

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    Quote Originally Posted by MD500Enthusiast View Post
    Lol if life was that simple, and yes of course i've tried that. But like in the arma series all missions have to be compiled into a PBO before the game will recognize it as a valid mission file, plus you have to put the file in the correct directory or it won't show up at all. Plus for respawns you have to have a certain script written out etc etc, so it's not THAT simple. I've tried to pbo a sqm mission file but alas it still didn't show up on the multiplayer mission selection. i'll do some more research once i get home from work in half an hour, but hopefully by then some arma guru has already made a perfect free flight mission for our enjoyment =D.
    About Pbo statement above - that is true for the rest of the Armaverse but not yet for TOH..

    Reagarding respawn and how to achieve this in a mission (taken from BIS wiki):


    Create a file with Notepad and name it "description.ext". (needs to be placed in the mission folder)

    Put the following lines in that file:

    respawn = RespawnType;

    respawnDelay = DelayInSeconds;

    respawnVehicleDelay = DelayInSeconds;

    respawnDialog = 0; // Show the scoreboard and respawn countdown timer for a player if he is killed with respawnType 3. Default is 1 (true).

    0 or "NONE" - No respawn
    1 or "BIRD" - Respawn as a seagull
    2 or "INSTANT" - Respawn just where you died.
    3 or "BASE" - Respawn in base. Requires a marker named:


    Add markers named with the prefix 'respawn_west' with any suffix (eg: respawn_westABC, respawn_west1, respawn_west_2, etc) for multiple random respawn points. Similarly for east, guerrila and civilian.

    Vehicle respawn in base requires a marker named:


    4 or "GROUP" - Respawn in your group (if there's no AI left, you'll become a seagull).
    5 or "SIDE" - Respawn into an AI unit on your side (if there's no AI left, you'll become a seagull) - implemented in ArmA 1.08: with this respawn type, team switch is also available to any AI controlled playable units.

    Good luck, I'm sure you will get it right

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    Is there any way to grab the mission files from the challenges? I'd like to make my own external load and fast roping missions and wouldn't mind using those as a template. Are they embedded in the pbo files? If so which ones and has anyone extracted them yet?

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