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Thread: Multiplayer maps

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    if you put the command in the unit init line itself, the unit can be reference be the word this:
    this respawnVehicle [5,3];
    You can name an unit on the top right side. The field says name.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scarp View Post
    You have to create the mpmissions folder in C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\Take On Helicopters Other Profiles\"your pilot-profile name" folder, then it should work.
    don´t work with a downloaded mp mission in pbo-format
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    Dont know, error with the mission itself? Did you ask the author? I have no problems with using MP missions or making simple MP missions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MD500Enthusiast View Post
    ok so i've successfully created a multiplayer map with 8 flyable choppers and 8 player slots at larking's helo company base with player respawns. can someone explain to me how to make the helicopters respawn too? i can't seem to figure it out..
    Quote Originally Posted by scarp View Post
    Dont know, error with the mission itself? Did you ask the author? I have no problems with using MP missions or making simple MP missions.
    After you actually read the thread, care to let us veterans know the problem-free way to use mp missions in TakeonHelicopters pre-order Beta? Not Arma2!
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    1'st, I dont think you can use custom maps yet, this is as I understand disabled (that means all mod's) in this beta version.
    So we can only creat missions using the Seattle and the oilrig map.


    Use the editor and create the mission and export it as multiplayer.

    Now the next step requires that the user involves his own brain, so I'll just give you my personal path to where my mission files are exported, yours will most likely be slightly different.

    C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\Take On Helicopters Other Profiles\Scarp

    Inside this folder (Scarp, in my example. This is your pilot profile name if you created one), you'll find a folder called missions and inside this folder again, you'll find your "exported multiplayer" missions (if you have created one).

    So in order to get it working in MP, we need to create a folder called mpmissions. This needs to be in the same folder as your missions folder, meaning you should have two folders under your 'pilot-profile name' (in my example it would be inside the Scarp folder), one called missions and the other mpmissions (which you must create).

    Now you're set to "manually export" your newly created missions, and to do so, you simply either drag and drop the mission folders you created from "missions" to "mpmissions", or you could; cut & paste, copy & paste or whatever way suits your preferences....just make sure your mission somehow ends up inside the mpmissions folder.

    And that should be it
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    Thumbs up

    thanks for writing up your steps, this should prove helpful.

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