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Thread: Multiplayer maps

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    Multiplayer maps

    has anyone figured out how to make a custom map for multiplayer besides using the derby one in seattle? i think that map won't let people join once the race has began.

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    I tried making a MP mission as well, but it doesn't display on the MP server screen.

    I did try exporting as a MP mission.

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    If i remember correctly, i think as in arma you need to PBO the mission files for it to show up on multiplayer screen.

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    There is no MPMissions folder inside the TkoH folder (atleast in mine), so perhaps you might need to create it?
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    Yep that might be it. BI forgot to create them as dummy folders a couple of times now unfortunately.

    Create the folders:

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    Quote Originally Posted by PvPscene View Post
    Yep that might be it. BI forgot to create them as dummy folders a couple of times now unfortunately.

    Create the folders:
    Didn't work for me. Anyone else got this figured out yet?

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    You have to create the mpmissions folder in C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\Take On Helicopters Other Profiles\"your pilot-profile name" folder, then it should work.

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    ok so i've successfully created a multiplayer map with 8 flyable choppers and 8 player slots at larking's helo company base with player respawns. can someone explain to me how to make the helicopters respawn too? i can't seem to figure it out, i use the

    respawn script
    respawn = "BASE";
    respawnDelay = 1;
    respawnVehicleDelay = 1;
    respawnDialog = 0

    in the init line on my players and vehicles

    for the civilian i created a marker called respawn_civilian and for vehicle i created respawn_vehicle_civilian but my choppers aren't respawning....

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    You can use the respawnvehicle command in the vehicle's init line to make them respawn.
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    well how do i use it correctly? _helicopter respawnVehicle [5.0, 3]; ? what is the correct object name?

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