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Thread: Blake's Mirrors

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    Blake's Mirrors

    Blake's Mirrors

    Requirements: (All EE versions)

    Requires extended event handlers found in Community Base Addons.


    v1.0 (Only in EE version)
    Changed the way key presses are detected. Now using CBA Key Management for a more robost detection.
    Changed the drivers key press from hold breath to toggleweapons.

    v0.2.1a (Only in EE version) & v0.1.1a (module)
    A quick fix where I hadn't limited the getin handler to the player allowing the addon to possibly run multiple times

    v0.2a (Only in EE version)
    Extended eventhandler version.
    Added black and white camera effect.
    Added global array to store mirror positions.
    Global array allows other vehicle type to gain mirror functionality without additional code.

    Initial release only module version.


    A mod that allows drivers of cars and trucks to use mirrors giving a more realistic experience in those roles, rather than having to rely on the outer body experience to view behind when reversing :P
    Hopefully A3 will make this redundant.

    The placement is determined by a generic placement by type of the vehicles. As such one size doesn't always fit. See below to override the default placements if required.


    The ability to look backwards emulating the side mirrors of a vehicle. Being able to still control the vehicle while viewing backwards. NVG compatible, though you will get the over exposure effect each time you change view.


    Install as you would any other addon. (Check the BIS forums if unsure!).

    In the editor place a Blake's Mirrors module onto the map. All editor placed cars and trucks are now enabled.

    If the player starts in the vehicle, functionality is created through the getin event handler requiring the player to dismount and get in the vehicle again.


    Drivers Mirror - Toggle Weapons (Default F button).
    Passengers mirror - Gear (Default G button).



    Version 1.0:

    Blake's Mirrors - Extended Eventhandlers v1.0

    Blakes Mirrors - EE version (v 1.0) : http://www.armedassault.info/index.p...addons&id=1823[/QUOTE]

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    nicely done. Congrats for releasing

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    New on front page at Armed Assault.info

    Link to mirror :

    Blakes Mirrors (v 0.1 Alpha) : http://www.armedassault.info/index.p...addons&id=1809

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    Will this be setup as a auto exec addon pbo too? Id like to see this running by default on vehicles, maybe an external config to list array of third party vehicles but most BIS stock by default.

    Anyway, very useful, thanks.

    If only AI drivers could use it


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    I've been waiting FOREVER for a mod like this, I even wanted to do one myself but I'm crap at scripting and coding : /

    thank you so much blakeace!

    what mrcrash2009 said would be very useful too, and probably the last bit to make this mod seriously completely perfect.
    Being underground is too mainstream.

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    Release frontpaged on the Armaholic homepage.

    Visit Armaholic.com | Visit Carriercommandaholic.com

    Public FTP available, just check the Armaholic.com FAQ.

    HMM........wonder what it is huh?

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    Looking great Blake, both your releases are great. Just a thought... would it be posible to implement this into choppers. EG looking left-down or right-down, back-left or right-left. It would be great for 1st person flying, really improve gameplay!

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    can it be implemented into missions as a script only version?

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    This is great, is there a way to do a switch from right mouse to just using the "S" key?

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    This. Is. Truely. AMAZING! I'm going to give this a try for sure!

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