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Thread: 3D interactable switches and in vehicle leaning ported to from TKOH ArmA 2 OA

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    3D interactable switches and in vehicle leaning ported to from TKOH ArmA 2 OA

    Why not port the framework from Take on helicopters to ArmA 2 OA for intractable animated switches, and in vehicle leaning? It is already there, running on ArmA 2 OA engine. Can't we get an updated ArmA2OA EXE with Render 2 Texture and this framework? (If it is dependent on the exe)

    Bohemia Interactive has such a close relationship with the community in terms of bug testing and community previews... Why not give the modders a better set of tools to play in the sandbox?

    We do not need inverse kinematics for every vehicle as they are a ton of work, and from what I understand going to be featured in ArmA 3 anyhow.

    But the framework for custom addons, with 3d intractable switches for vehicles and objects would be very welcome in my book!

    Imagine the possibilities:

    - Working Locks on Vehicle/Building Doors
    - Intractable animated Switches:
    Engine On/Off
    Lights On/Off
    Hatch Open/Close
    Door Open/Close
    Radio/Map/Radar/UAV... and more!

    - Leaning does not have to be animated but imagine the benefits:
    - Easier to see gauges
    - Unscripted looking through viewports
    - Looking in the vehicle mirrors (If we had R2T)

    - For a Aircraft modding studios such these features would open up a whole Treasure chest of possibilities!
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    I think various addons have already been able to do both of these things to some extent. Off of the top of my head, Noubernou recently demonstrated a proof of concept for flippable switches on on objects in OA.

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    @Welcome to hell

    Clickable 3D Interface (Switches) by NouberNou:

    Leaning in planes (but not limited to) by me:

    It can be done, it only has to be done.

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    As it is now flippable switches work great when you're using it on a static object, however when motion, especially swift motion comes into play then things start getting iffy, using an "area" panel however it can still work midair.

    I wouldn't expect them to the TKOH functions to A2 but it's possible that 6DOF and interactions with precision in motion may be possible in A3.

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    Well that's nice.

    But Official support is always better! Menu item+ professionally implemented framework.

    This better make it to ArmA 3!

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