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Thread: TrackIR profiles.

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    TrackIR profiles.

    Hi folks,

    I haven't had too much time this summer to get my head wrapped around the community preview, but I've put an hour or two into it this week and I'm getting a feel for how the game flies again.

    One of the major issues I'm having right now is getting my TrackIR profile tweaked to function the way I want it to. Right now I'm having a really hard time looking down and out of the aircraft (as if you were long-lining). Also, I find my TrackIR profile is really keen to zoom in with very little input from me.

    I'll open the floor up to some of you technical gurus to post up your TrackIR profile or additional hints here.

    I know the mods aren't keen on new threads, but I think this one might help some pilots who get discouraged with some of the tweaking required to get things just right.

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    I agree. I had to disable the extra 3 axis, I only have pitch, yaw, and roll.
    (look up,down, left, right, and tilt left/right.

    the zoom in was ultra sensitive and there was no zoom out control. I have a good track IR curve, but I'm new to BIS games and don't know their internal settings.

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    Same here. I think we will get proper profiles (restrictions for movement and so on) within the game. I dont have to do settings when using in other games. It`s all there and already configured from the start.
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