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Thread: ACE for OA 1.12

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    Quote Originally Posted by badshot View Post

    First, ACE is a fantastic mod and I wouldn't want to Arma without it!

    Question: why are there ace interaction keys (self and other) instead of 'simply adding actions to the default Arma mouse wheel 'activity menu'? Searched but couldn't find an answer.

    Because you Action menu would be full of stuff. Browsing to the correct entry and selecting it would take longer than to press a button and to select the desired action
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    help plz:

    I'm playing my mission with bon inf's recruit script. For some reason the javelin-Ai is spawning without any jav ammo. Also i can't find any matching ammo in the ammobox, or i got all slots empty, pick a jav, but no rocket is being displayed. Any clue why??

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    The tube itself is the ammo, and the CLU is the guidance.
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    mh ok i see, i can'T figure out how to load it, it's red= so not loaded, but not that important.

    I'm really sorry for asking that much, but i really like redoing my mission to fully ace support.

    1. When i revive my ai with ace wounds, he is waking up, works fine, but he lost his weapons. Do i have to add any code to the init? Couldn't find it in the wiki

    2. I followed the instructions from the wiki with the slingload. I picked that white rope, used right windows key to attach sling to vehicle. Mate was hovering 6m over vehicle, i used windows key again to attach, "an error occured with the slingload feature".. Do i need a module for it in the mission??

    Thx again

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    For the Jav : Take the tube, then scroll with Mousewheel to "load CLU", click, Jav ready.

    And for aiming a Target you have to use the Numpad "+" for narrow view, and the "N" Key for TI View. Otherwise the Rocket will not lock.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Humvee28 View Post
    For the Jav : Take the tube, then scroll with Mousewheel to "load CLU", click, Jav ready.
    Alternatively, you can hit your reload weapon key.
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    mhm, thats not working for me. A lot of strange things are going on, i don't see some ammo types or guns that others see. They use ace_navy, but i haven#t used that while creating the mission..whatever..i take smaw instead of jav..Thx for info anyways..

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    do not get the "arm explosives" action. tried all the explosive types from c4 and satchels to claymores and slam charges. did a search and found a short thread with only a couple posts and dead links so it wasnt any help. any ideas?

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    Use the 'Self interaction' (default right windows key) to drop the satchel charge. then use the 'Other interaction' (default rightside application key) to toggle explosion options.

    I do believe there are user manuals somewhere on the ace wagn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by b00ce View Post
    Alternatively, you can hit your reload weapon key.

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