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Thread: Sniper Scope FLIR Script

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    Sniper Scope FLIR Script

    Greeting all,

    I have created a small script which simulates having a FLIR scope on sniper rifles. The FLIR is only available when the player is looking through the scope of the rifle. FLIR can be enabled and disabled. Also, the mode can be changed between white and black.

    Instructions included in the Readme in the download on getting the script to work in your mission.


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    Cool idea. However, unless it's just me, seems to be an issue with increasing/decreasing brightness not working. Depending what mode I'm in, it either goes all grey or all white, and won't correct itself even if i take it to max/min levels, until I turn it off and back on.

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    is this FLIR really working, or is it just another fake script?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hemingway View Post
    is this FLIR really working, or is it just another fake script?
    FLIR is not a 'real' option for Arma2 so it 'fakes it' if you want a real FLIR you will need to wait for the next game Arma - Operation Arrowhead.
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    i don't think so... i'm sure theres a way of scripting a real working FLIR for ARMA2..

    i allready tried some of my ideas on this topic, just have a look:

    its script-based, so no addon is needed. but it only works that fine at night (what shouldn't be a big problem) and theres at time no option to disable it again (whats more a problem i think )

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    If what you see has strong dependence on time of day, then it is nowhere near "real".
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    Does this just make more contrast between enemies and terrain, because that's all I can see in the picture.

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    no, it adds to every unit in range of the FLIR camera a lightpoint with very small intensity.

    with the ppeffects of the FLIR, it looks like the unit itselfs glows white...

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    really thanx for share this)

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    Like Eble says though - the proper FLIR comes with ARMA2 - Operation Arrowhead. BIS will move over the FLIR used in VBS2 (military used version of this engine). The "FLIR" in ARMA2 is not nearly as good as that one. At least not the one included (in UAV for example).

    Will test this one out however.

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