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Thread: Editing, Expanding and Modifying Domination

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    Editing, Expanding and Modifying Domination

    Xeno's thread over user missions, does get a bit bunged up with questions about editing and modifying Domination, so I got permission to start this thread.

    For me Domination got me into playing as well as editing. His code is usually internally documented very well and it's possible, with a little code gazing to see how he's done stuff and why he's used a given method.

    So, let's get started!

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    The basics. To edit a Domination mission you need the mission file, available from Dev Hev or if you don't want the vanilla stuff, from your mission cache folder. The Dev Hev stuff comes in a 7z file, use 7z or winrar to unpack it.

    You're going to need an application to 'dePBO' the file. I like Kegetys cPBO but some have trouble with it. So, once you're dePBO'd the mission file, you will end up with the mission folder.

    To edit the mission files, I use notepad++ because it does bracket and parenthesis pair matching, but equally a lot of people like Armaedit. It's cool as it knows all the reserved and key words, but it's author is long gone.

    That's the absolute basics. So, get in there, have a look through the files and get editing. When you're done, you can see your efforts in editor preview, or use cPBO to remake the PBO from the mission file and try them on a server.

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    There are 3 main files you should look into first.

    In the mission folder, there are files called i_server, i_client and i_common.

    i_server makes all the server side units, so that's all the enemies.

    i_client deals with all the player stuff such as scoring and player interaction with other stuff in the game.

    i_common is where stuff common to both server and client is managed. So, enemy town locations and the arrays that determine what units you win for completing objectives in here.
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    I've never tried notepad++ so I won't comment on it. But I've sort of grown up using UltraEdit and UltraCompare, which can be found here. They're not free though, but Kegetys have a very nice highlighting wordfile you can use for UltraEdit. Regular Notepad and using OS for file search? Forget it, you'll just end up frustrated. UltraCompare is an extremely nice tool if you try to keep your edited version updated to the latest vanilla Domination, since you can do a three-way folder compare; your version, latest Domination version, and the previous Domination version. Especially useful when you loose track of what files you have edited.

    A tip. When editing Domination, don't change the code. Instead copy the old line and comment it using // at the beginning of the line. Use // also for multiple lines, and avoid block commenting using /* and */ unless what you are commenting is really huge. Reason: When something gets messed up (and it will ) when you search for text in files, you'll always see both versions at the same time which will make it easier to identify your introduced bug. If you used block commenting (/* and */) the line would show up but it wouldn't be immediately apparent that it was commented out before you actually open the file.
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    Ah yes, compare programs. I use Beyond Compare. It's my favourite price.

    Another thread worthy of a look is Bushlurkers Domination Conversion Guide. Although it's primarily about moving Domination to other islands, there's some interesting and relevent stuff in there. Recommended.

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    nice thread Tankbuster,

    sure it will be helpfull for a lot of people when it gets filled up.

    I'll start by posting the question i had on the other thread:

    "on request of a clanmember i have added a blackhawk to the 2.28 version.
    For now it can pick up ammoboxes, but i got no 'chopper menu' to drop it after loading it in.
    How can i get that chopper to have such a menu?"
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    In init.sqf you define the vehicles, initiate them with respawn scripts etc.
    In i_client.sqf you define d_check_ammo_load_vecs (I guess you probably already did this), add the chopper here. Also look for d_choppers where you setup marker to use and hud name etc.
    In x_client\x_chop_hud.sqf you can change the welcome message if you want to.
    In x_client\x_initvec.sqf the action is added using the __addchopm macro. It should be applied to all choppers defined above with d_choppers.

    Maybe a bit vague, but I hope it helps. I've never added choppers myself, only removed or rearranged stuff. These are the places I would start to look, but there might be more. Hard to tell when I can't really try it out.

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    Things to check for the chopper ammo box hud are:

    d_check_ammo_load_vecs needs to have the chopper type in it.
    d_choppers needs an entry for the chopper (make sure you put it into the correct version's array) - something along the lines of:
    ["HR7",2,"chopper7",307,"n_air","ColorWhite","7 ",""]

    Search for x_helirespawn2 and add an entry for your chopper:
    Note that ch7 is the name of the chopper in mission.sqm and 307 must match with the number in d_choppers.

    That should be it, if it still isn't working post what you've already got and I'll have another go.

    *edit* Agh! I see you beat me to it Carl Gustaffa - I shall remember to type quicker next time, even if I am eating...
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    Great thread, thanks for posting it. One quick question...
    I edited a version of Domination, but didn't know it was missing the revive option. Is there an easy way to make it into a revive mission, or should I just do the work and port all my custom stuff into the Domination_west_revive? Thanks.

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    I'd suggest that revive is a build option. That means it usually has it's own vanilla mission file, so yes, you should get the revive version and port your stuff into it.

    But this isn't too hard if you're methodical. Take a file comparison application as mentioned earlier, compare your vanilla version to a vanilla revive. There you can see how revive differs from normal. Then compare your edit to the unedited normal, Now you can see your edits. If your edits are to files that are identical when you compared normal to revive, you can dump your edited file straight into the revive mission folder. if not, the comparison program will suggest how you might merge them.

    At the very worst you'll have to reauthor your modded version by editing a revive mission folder, but as you documented all your changes, this won't be a problem. You *did* document all your changes, didn't you?

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    TX lads,

    i can work with this info.
    I'll start cracking my brain after my morning coffee

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    How do i increment the chances of getting bonus air vehicles? Like, say A-10, AH-1Z, AH-64D, for example.

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