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Thread: WW4 Modpack 2.5

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sanctuary View Post
    I don't understand the question ? The groups are all available in the mission editor.

    Have you been able to run ECP successfully on your dedicaced server before ?

    Check if you have every needed file, and very important that you have NOT renamed the @ECP folder, renaming the @ECP folder will lead the ECP functions and scripts to not being able to locate their own asset correctly.

    And in case everything is setup correctly, it could be one of the linux+dedicaced problem with mods, there's a possible solution that worked for other mods and could do with ECP :
    I had everything done correct way, but it crashed. But maybe this can be of some help for someone else: My friend installed this on our Linux server and what he did, he also copied the config.cpp and resource.cpp to Operation Flashpoint directory (to the root of OFP). That way he reported me, that everything works now just great!

    So, waiting to get playing your great mod soon! :P


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    I've just posted a function that allows quickly re-equip weapons for WW4 units. Hopefully this will help others that want to change the default loadout of, say, western infantry from M16 to M4. It can also reequip (or deequip) HD ammo and give them NV goggles.

    I thought someone around here would find all this useful. More info here.

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    since 7 months we re playing WW4mod v2.5, daily on our server and before on test server.
    lot of missions made and/or converted to LOL server.
    mod is awesome, weaps, units, islands....
    im discussed many times with players they are love this mod. i inserted to ww2/nam addonpacks too,
    so both of LOL servers are using this awesome movements.
    the most liked feature -after AIs behaviour- is the small lift with SHIFT+S when u are on ground.

    let me summarize what need change in next version if possible please (suggested by players and i agree):

    -the BTR. (extreme strong, sometimes nading us with one shot from horizont before noticed its there)
    -can u change the speed of lie movement? its looks extreme slow to me (maybe its normal, but the enemies are pretty hard, so need a bit faster )
    -BRDM gunner is out of vehicle but hes unvulnerable.
    -more vehicles and aircrafts(!)

    thanks for ur work again

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    BRDM gunner is out of vehicle but hes unvulnerable.
    That's a bug i fixed long time ago, are you sure you're using the latest version of the files ?

    It's possible i didn't released the correct files then if you're using the latest version.

    I just checked on my version and i snipe the BRDM gunner everytime without a problem.

    Here's the ww4_veh.pbo and ww4_veh_cfg.pbo i have , see if they're the same as yours.

    If they're not the same, use those files on server and clients.
    So this way in case i released wrong version long time ago, these one are the latest (and BRDM gunner dies).

    I will see with the BTR (the AAVP and ACVE should be as strong)

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    On our CTI WW4 server we have problem with mines.

    Sometimes they explode all on entire island in one moment without a reason (no tanks near).
    We placing mines in towns (near flag, or at the roads to towns) to prevent retake them by RES tanks.

    I noticed they explode more often and sooner when more mines is puted.
    Sometimes mine exploding immediately (when puted) killing player.

    On server is installed full WW4 mod but we using only animations, so players need only ww4bis25 and CTImod (irParaZ)

    P.S. Sorry for my very bad english

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    On server is installed full WW4 mod but we using only animations, so players need only ww4bis25
    What do you mean by "we using only animations" if you have the full ww4mod running on your server ?
    To have the players using ww4bis25 , it is not the full ww4 mod you need to run, you need to run on the server the ww4bis25 mod too.
    the full ww4 mod and the ww4bis25 are not exactly compatible, having different config

    Maybe that's the source of the problem as i have not modified the mines.

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    Hello Sanctuary,

    May I ask you what animating programs did you use for creating ww4mod25 animations?
    Did you use any more programs besides OFPanim and RtmToolBox?


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    Sadly not, OFPAnim and RTMToolbox were all i could use.

    Now if you're using 3DSMax or Maya, there are some plugins allowing you to animate with them.
    But if you don't, you'll need to get through the headache-inducing (and rather limited) OFPAnim to animate anything.

    I wish there was a RTM plugin for Blender, so easy to animate something in that program.

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    Thank you for reply Sanctuary,

    I do not own 3DSMax or Maya, so I am stuck with OFPAnim and RtmTooBox too
    By the way have you seen GMax program (
    it seems to be a free alternative to 3DSMax or am I mistaken?


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