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Thread: WW4 Modpack 2.5

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    WW4 Modpack 2.5


    compatible both Operation Flashpoint 1.96 and Cold War Assault 1.99

    ModDB page of the mod

    With a bit more of a week in advance as i worked quicker than i planned in the end , i'm happy to deliver this new release.

    Download links (more to come)
    ftp://ftp.ofpr.info/ofpd/unofaddons2/ww4mod25rel.rar (thanks to Rellikki)

    roughly a 116mb download

    WW4 2.5 Patch 1 (require the WW4 Modpack 2.5)
    Download Links

    roughly a 12mb download

    Xenobite kindly created an installer for his WW4 Extended mod that can install WW4 Modpack 2.5 + Patch 1 :

    (would appreciate the help in setting more mirrors)

    Patch 1 improvement :
    -fixed : WW4 West Recon troops have their complete wound texture now
    -fixed : the turret of the WW4 West HMMWV in 1st person view is now turning correctly
    -fixed : the East WW4 Armor BTR999 floats a bit higher on water to prevent nearly invincibility against missiles
    -fixed : the strange bug that made the M202A1 flash launcher to crash when firing for some people
    -added : a rocket launcher version of the M202A1 (West -> Men -> Flash Grenadier 2 )
    -fixed : the Javelin/Vympel/SMAW left a wrong model for when you put down a missile, went back to default OFP model
    -fixed : the AN-94+PSO had a very badly defined firemode that was crashing the game when switching to it.
    -modified : increased every bullets damage by 0.5, it's a subtle change so the impact is not too much on the WW4 type of gameplay i want, but it allows some more balancing with the armor system.
    -added : Ammo crates for West, East and Everon weapons, available in Empty -> WW4 Ammo
    -modified : WW4 Cars use now the same machinegun as the WW4 Armors
    -fixed : wrong unitinfotype for the WW4 BRDM that was not displaying the ammo count

    Featuring too much for me to remember, i blame old age.
    Very lots of bugfixes too.
    Having played it with some friends online, it's very stable and multiplayer-friendly.

    In this package :

    -the WW4 Modpack 2.5 , compatible with both Operation Flashpoint 1.96 and Cold War Assault 1.99, read the instructions included

    -A WW4 2.5 + ECP version of the config (require to have ECP and you should get the patch for it too), read the instructions included

    -A WW425BIS mini-mod featuring a normal OFP/CWA config with only the WW4 animations and required file to support them, read the instructions included

    -A version of the config that has the radio voice enabled, read the instructions included

    Gameplay :
    --While Standing with your rifle aiming, leave TURBO key pressed and press MOVE LEFT or MOVE RIGHT to LEAN to the right or the left.

    --While Kneeling with your rifle aiming, leave TURBO key pressed and press MOVE LEFT or MOVE RIGHT to LEAN to the right or the left.

    --While being Prone with your rifle, leave TURBO key pressed and press MOVE LEFT or MOVE RIGHT to ROLL to the right or the left.

    Works for when you have a pistol too.

    --When you are running or sprinting, by default you have the weapon low, but "tap" the FIRE button of your mouse and you'll move your weapon up allowing you to shoot while running and sprinting.

    Notice that shooting while running obviously lack of precision as you can imagine, and shooting while sprinting would need an insane amount of luck to land any kind of hit.

    --When you shoulder an AT launcher, note that you can walk, run and sprint, unlike with the default anims that have you stuck with walking only.
    But i have not found any ways to configure kneeling and going prone with the AT shoulder like you do with rifle and handguns.

    --But you can do it, when you are not moving and have the AT weapon shouldered, leave the TURBO key pressed and press the MOVE BACK key, your soldier will go prone.

    --Now when you have the AT weapon shouldered, first press whatever key that switch your speed to WALK, then press MOVE BACK key and you will kneel with the AT weapon.

    --To move over an obstacle like a fence, put your rifle or handgun on back and leave the TURBO key pressed while pressing the MOVE BACK key.
    Your soldier will move over the obstacle.

    -- When your soldier is laying on the ground behind a roof cover or a hill top, you can press the TURBO key and MOVE back key to elevate your aim a bit to shoot from a bit higher instead of having to crouch
    Note : the "Turbo" key is this one in the main menu -> Options -> Controls :

    Now make missions, share them, edit whatever you want of the mod and most importantly, enjoy and have fun with this release.

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    Yes! Downloading right now
    I expected release when I spotted today that thread about ww4 2.1 is closed

    Thank You Sanc

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    Thank you Sanctuary, I am downloading now

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    Very nice, i've tested it a little, i'm very pleased with it

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    Nice job. Also a big thank you for the new rocket launchers. Until now I've had to use external addons like JAM to have some, but now I don't need it anymore.

    Some bugs I noticed:

    On the 1st person view the gunner's hatch doesn't fully rotate on the new Hummers as it does on the 3rd person view.

    I also noticed that Everon and West army crewmen and pilots have different vests than the other units of the same factions.

    The M235 rocket launcher crashes the game every time it's fired.
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    Yes, yes, yes!
    Dl'ing now!

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    thanks Sanct!

    times to prepare our LOLextras3 addonpack incl. WW4 2.5
    downloading... ... ...

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    thank you !


    recently i play with my friends Arma:CWA
    and we use this mod, ecp and some islands i downloaded in diferent sites

    and i do the missions for my friends

    thanks Sanctuary
    Sorry for my bad English, I speak spanish.

    If a write a mistake, and you have time, please correct me

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    Thank you a lot =) your animations and whole mod are awesome !
    “No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.” - Socrates

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