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Thread: I'm concerned

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johny View Post
    1 is total free roam campaign very similar to "action mode" in the original CC. You just set up how many islands you have and how many has your enemy and some other starting conditions and then it is just you against enemy carrier. This campaign is in itself a tribute to the original CC (key people at Bohemia Interactive themselves are fans of the original ).
    Sorry for asking again, but I think this needs clarifying: in this free-roam "action mode" campaign you described, the islands are placed/generated randomly, yes? Or are the carriers just getting assigned some randomly picked islands in an otherwise static archipelago?

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    Thinking about it some more, it would be very difficult to make each island randomly generated with the building structures and roads/paths.

    I suspect that the islands and archipelago will be pre-made and always the same but the purpose of each island might be random. So mining, research, defence etc may be different along with the buildings...

    Would be good to know but even if its not random, with 33 islands it will take a long time to get boring.
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    I tend to agree that the islands will end up as being pre-made, and that the island's purpose may end up random. But you have to consider there are other aspects that can help improve replayability.

    For one thing, i'd be surprised if there wasn't a way to make the starting position of the carrier in the skirmish game be random (obviously in the water though!).

    Let's also not forget that the game will be moddable. We're not yet sure to what extent, but it may even go as far as allowing modders to create new world maps for people to play on. Though to be honest, I doubt this'll happen any time soon. Still, the mods people come up with will help keep the game interesting.

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    I would say that there is another way to randomize the islands. While it isn't doable to randomly generate entire landscapes with functional paths and thought out environments, the islands' locations on the world map might be different. So even if each island in themselves are not changed from game to game, their location on the world map could be random still, as well as their purpose.
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    And if the islands would be randomly placed around the map modders wouldn't have to create/change whole maps but could design single islands to be imported into the game.

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