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Thread: ECP mod wont install with new 1.99 patch (Bought game from steam)

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    Angry ECP mod wont install with new 1.99 patch (Bought game from steam)

    Hello, I recently purchased ArmA: Cold War Assault from steam and I'm trying to install one of my favorite mods, Enhanced Configuration Project, but the installer does not recongnize my ArmA: CWA folder and wont install The Installer is stuck at the "Choose Folder Location" Stage I have tried making fake folders but no luck. As there appears to be no way to bypass this, I was wondering if someone could upload this mod in its folder form onto a site like rapidshare? I would greaty appreciate it Thank you And please try to include the readme, forgot all the scripts and stuff

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    I've got same problem, ECP installer can not find OFP folder.

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    Rename the CWA exe to FLASHPOINTRESISTANCE and then run the ECP installer. Direct it to your CWA folder then install it. Once done change the name of the exe back to the original.

    Don't forget the ECP patch and the fountain fix which can be found on the first page of the official ECP thread.
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    Also just a tip.

    ECP has a nice distance-dependent sound effects pack. IIRC it is disabled by default.

    I've noticed that some people never notice this - go into the config.cpp of ECP and find there something like "dynamicsounds.h" or something like that - what you need to uncomment is explained there.
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    Alright, there is one more problem - I want to use 1.99 ECP + SLX Replacement Pack 1.1. What should I do?

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    If nobody ever made a config that unites both of these mods - you are out of luck.
    You can use them but you will need to figure out what to copy paste from SLX config to ECP config to make them work together without conflicts (and it will be hard)

    I've never used ECP with anything else but GRAA and GRAA comes with ECP config (so does WW4 now as well) - so I don't know if config for SLX exists

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    There is a ECP+SLX config in SLX archive, but SLX refuses to install.

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    .bat says that Data folder is not found.

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    The .bat references folders that don't exist in CWA since the DTA files and Res folders were merged into one.

    To have the batch install work you need to open it with notepad and edit the directories so the install can find the files to modify.

    For example:

    If not exist ..\res\dta\data.pbo echo ERROR data.pbo not found

    If not exist ..\res\dta\hwtl\data3d.pbo echo ERROR hwtl/data3d.pbo not found

    Remove the res and hwtl for each line that mentions them so it points to the correct directory. Once you do so you should have:

    If not exist ..\dta\data.pbo echo ERROR data.pbo not found

    If not exist ..\dta\data3d.pbo echo ERROR hwtl/data3d.pbo not found

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