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Thread: Modern Koljuyev Beta

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    Quote Originally Posted by ultimateflashpoint View Post
    It is not an error. People obviously call it different names, I don't see what the issue is.
    People often make spelling mistakes but that doesn't mean it's the correct way.

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    There is a small problem with the required addons... Some links are not working...
    Is it also possible to give the name of all these required addons by the way?
    Thanks in advance

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    AGS Buildings and Industrial pack
    OFPL objects
    Baracken and Mapfact objects
    Berghoff nature pack(can't remember which one), should be brg_en.pbo
    Farmland objects pack

    And that should be about it. :P

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    Well, I think there is a mistake with the Berghoff nature pack... There is no grass at all in the island... And no harbour or buildings from the AGS pack (except the oil refinerys that you placed on top of a hill).
    About the oil refinery, it's a bit weird to place it on the top of a hill... It's not really accessiblefor workers or trucks... Better place it close to a harbour. But that's just my opinion ^^
    Thanks for your work!

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    Well, I don't want to give everything away, but the hill and a large area around it has been turned into a "zone" for a large military base. I am getting rid of most of the others. As far as AGS, the refinerys were moved, and I used the buildings pack for the large city. It is located near the north-east part of the island near the coast. As far as the grass, it requires the OFPL objects pack that you can obtain from the Lechistan download(I think). If not I will upload the grass files.

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    Ok, I will try, thanks!

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