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Thread: sniping issues

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    sniping issues

    hiyas, im new to arma but not to sniping in games and i know this and many others have bullet drop, now heres my problem.

    ive ran a few tests on editor placed guys 3-400m away, and i go prone and move the sight above there heads a bit to account for drop yet i see bullet splash miles above them it seems i have to aim below the target just to hit them instead of above it

    is this an error or bug in game becuase it really wierd and yes the game is an offical purchase before anyone asks if it pirated

    hope someone can help thx

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    well lets trouble shoot here, do you have this same issue with other scoped weapons? ACOG scopes? Red dots?

    hell drive a tank and test it to see if you have the same issue (the tank sight uses a sight that can zoom in and out)

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    try patching you game up to the lastest patch as well, you can get them here if you haven't already done so -----> http://www.armaholic.com/list.php?c=...tches_official
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    yea ive patched it to 1.18 and i think ive sorted it be nice if i could adjust my scope mind im having to aim miles high just to hit anyway near a target 1100m away ish

    i know theres ace but wont install says my version.txt is missing what version is this mod made for ? or any other mods that do the same thing out there

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