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Thread: iPhone variant?

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    I bought full version on my iPad, but when i install on my iPod Touch i cant use full version features on it.
    Is there any way to recover purchase so i can use full version on iPod without buying again?

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    Sorry this is completely solved by Apple/iTunes and we can do nothing about this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lb8068 View Post
    Just installed and it's fantastic - thanks BIS!

    Just wondering - what happened to the OpenFeint support? I was looking forward to it. Did it get removed in favour of Gamecentre?

    I'm not complaining, just out of interest is all
    We have followed the mainstream for iOS so there is Gamecentre. Anyway we could reconsider OpenFeint for future updates.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BackInAction View Post
    Is there some way to start over your "Career" without deleting and re-installing the app? I sort of faked my way through the 3 demo levels not knowing what I was really doing.

    Also, does the app crash (shutdown after the splash screen) for anyone else? Mine does it every "first time" I launch it after my iphone 4s has been idle for some time. Launching it again after it crashes works fine.
    Career reset is on the list for the next update. We will look into your crash - what firmware do you have?

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    Quote Originally Posted by eisa01 View Post
    Another bug: the game center leader board is inverted, 1 point is the best

    edit: I don't think the achievements are working either, e.g. I have unlocked the Factory, but haven't gotten the achievement. Also I found the tilt controls, but it's not using the gyro, and it seems as the controls are inverted. Eliminate:GunRange is a similar game to Arma FR that does it right.
    Thanks for your feedback. Unfortunatelly leaderboard reset is quite complicated on the Apple side. We will see what we can do.
    Tilt could be inverted in options.
    We will think about Gyro extra feature for the update. So far we are trying to deliver the same version for iOS and Android.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mirapa View Post
    Sorry this is completely solved by Apple/iTunes and we can do nothing about this
    Are you sure? In other apps with in-app purchases they have an option to restore purchases. I just tried this out in two apps on my new iPad, but couldn't find any option in FR.

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    By take? Eh. It's ok but not finished. The career takes 10 minutes. There's no skeet shooting which would have been my favorite. I would like to increase the swipe sensitivity as I find myself to br too slow swinging though a large arc with the iPad.
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    Tried the AR update, and glad that you got the gyroscope to work! Will you add that to the other maps in a later update?

    Also, you really need to offer the restore purchase option. It's not acceptable that I lose the game if I need to restore my iPhone, and I can't install it on my iPad either.

    Edit: got the restore working with the last update, I also got fooled by the AR, you don't need the gyro for that
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