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Thread: German special forces, 2002

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    German special forces, 2002

    Hi'! I'd like present my current work. I'm working on German special forces, 2002 era. Following pictures display the desert version of operators and their equipment, the green version will appear at this tread soon. This my first public project.



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    Wow 24 views and not one response.

    Great work dude. They look cool. Any New gear along with the units?

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    Good stuff. I especially like the G36 with AG36. Hope they get lasers/flashlights too

    Edit: looks like a flashlight on the first screen?

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    PROTOTYPE 001: Thank you. Two backpacks (berghaus atlas and munro) will be in the pack.

    Alwarren: Each G36 has LLM01 module with working laser, that is what I missed. I don't know which g36 to choose for flashlight function.
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    Nice - always good to see new units. It's much appreciated that you are taking the time and effort to do this.
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    Nice looking units!

    Textures look a bit blurry though.

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    i must congratulate you for making news units that are not simply (yet another) reskin of johnny's SF, or the default units! awesome!
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    You could use G36C with EOTech for flash light. Or you make every single rifle in 2 versions, one with laser, one with flash light. But one thing: are your ingame texture settings that low? Otherwise you should work a bit on the textures, they look very blurred.

    Another hint: No-one would ever wear a beret when going into combat. You don't bring a knife to a gun fight, do you?

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    Blurred texters might be due to that: I made screenshots in windowed Arma2 and my PC is not to good to run arma 2 on high settings.

    Jester_Darrak:That is just an unarmed guy I used for showing weapons.

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    Looking good!

    Except for the low res textures but as you said, this is probably due to your graphic settings.

    Nice to finally see some tricked out g36s.

    About the laser versus light debate, have you looked into the ACE feature that allows you to have both a laser and a flashlight on the same weapon?

    Good luck with the project.

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