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Thread: Take on Helicopters: Social Media pictures

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    Merlin, floating containers and amazing clouds

    And old screens with new WIP OST track

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    Nice music
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    Looking fine, great pics.

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    I just notice that again there are hidden three bonus videos with dialogs and pictures from the game . Nice. Will be there radio station in the THOK?

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    I love how the storyline and missions sound like the old Origin Systems title Strike Commander. God I loved that game for the alternate reality it allowed you to step into, heart mind and body. Hope this is the inspiration for TOH! Looks great!
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    I think TOH's inspiration is more along the lines of Looking Glass Studios Flight Unlimited III
    That game too had civilian-based quests (although for civilian planes) and well... ugh... this too,10421/

    You couldn't steal antennas from it though
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    Guess two years post-release aren't enough to make ArmA3 at least half as dumbed down.

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    FU III was also based around Seattle etc, spent many hours of fun flying and gliding in that.

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    Jaroslav da boss!! :P Looking very neat!

    Awesome news: modifyable User Interface

    and more fantastic screens for GC 2011 showcasing a bit more of the breathtaking environments

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    and more fantastic screens for GC 2011 showcasing a bit more of the breathtaking environments
    and possibly simplified fixed wing aircraft yay!

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