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Thread: Take on Helicopters: Social Media pictures

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    Six second long teasers make Baby Jeebus cry. We demand more video!

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    ACR tiger, my favourite.
    Yeah, moar video pleeze.

    The Dummehs guide to running Arma2 within a RamDrive or on multiple HDDs

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    Is the Hind the first taxiable chopper in ToH? What a breakthrough! Awesome!

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    You can also taxi with the heavy. But not yet retract gear.
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    Take On Helicopters: 'Hind the scenes

    Two new screenshots of the Superhind can be found in the newly published Q&A session with Lukáš Milacek

    As we’re nearing the launch of Take On Helicopters: Hinds, we sat down with Lukáš Milacek – Executive Producer – for a quick Q&A session about the forthcoming DLC package.
    read more

    Here and here are the screenshots
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    New TOH:Hinds Section

    Ahead of tomorrow's launch of Take on Helicopters: Hinds, the website has been updated with a Gunship section.
    Next to detailed information on the helicopters, you can also spot some new images.

    Mil Mi-24P

    Mil Mi 24-V

    Mil Mi-24 SuperHind MK.III
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    Take On Field Trips

    During the course of Take On Helicopters' development, the team were presented with several opportunities to experience the varied world of copter flight. Be it air-shows, ride-alongs or cooperation with experts, we embraced any chance we could to help improve and expand our knowledge, and try to feed that back into the game!

    Over the next couple of weeks, Project Lead, Joris-Jan van 't Land, reports on just some of the activities we got up to. Today, he kicks things off with a trip early on in development, where several of the team got to grips with the amazing MD-520N!
    Check the whole Blog here and take a look at a collection of interesting behind-the-scenes shots
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