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Thread: Meaning of yellow and raid chain symbol?

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    Well, 10/1mbit line is usually suitable only for up to 5 folks. Any more people and you're quickly talking about 2-10+ upload in order to be able to enjoy the game. If CPU doesn't handle the mission AI can get pretty dumb/numb, too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MadDogX View Post
    Speaking of red/yellow chains, what's the difference between a normal chain and a broken chain?

    (And please don't answer "one is broken, the other is not". )
    I think that the non broken one means that the connection is just harshing, while the broken one means the connection is interrupted and it's not currently updating positions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kremator View Post
    What would be great is a tool that stresses servers and gives you the optimum values for the config, based on processor/RAM/internet connection upload and download.

    Hmmm perhaps I'll post this in the 'pwease make me a wittle addon' section.
    Dam thats a good idea, pm me when its done

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    I was curious as well MadDogX.

    There are four types of chains:

    Orange Chain
    Broken Orange Chain
    Red Chain (Really bad desync)
    Broken Red Chain (I believe this is complete disconnection from server)

    Not sure about the orange chains though, would be nice if an employee from BI could help us out here.
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    Dice, it's the other way around. Red chain is complete disconnection, broken red chain is just really bad desync.

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