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Thread: Wich OS 7 vista or ""XP """

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    Wich OS 7 vista or ""XP """

    So i know it's is something wich it's nto direcly relationaded with , the tools , but maybe some stuff works diferent depending with the OS

    So , thats my question does that matter ?

    if it matters which is the best OS to use?

    whats your opinion on wich is the best OS to use PROs?

    i use XP because im used to it and i ge t alot of stress when i use 7 or vista , keyboard suffered when i had them on xD

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    I don't think it really matters as none of the programs are really resource intensive and as far as I know have no "extended capabilities" in newer versions of windows. If you have trouble with 7 or vista, I think the choice for you is obvious.

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    7 absolutely. As with everything, you'll get used to it eventually, and you will be better off because of it.
    I would argue it's more secure and faster (boot, cache, etc). Certainly more modern.

    XP support will be dropped soon, while 7 support (official and inofficial) should go on for the next decade :P
    Besides, ArmA 3 is dx10 and dx11, so that means Vista or 7, with 7 being what Vista should've been :P

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    I'd also add that W7 supports TRIM. Since this game benefits from being able to get it's data from a very fast SSD, that counts in it's favour.
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    as soon as virus kills my database ill get win 7 xd

    And BTW , i got your antetion will my arma 2 work , run in arma 3

    will the BI TOOLS change when arma 3 comes out? new versions bla bla bla new tools maybe : P ....
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    You'll need win7 or vista for arma 3 because you'll have to run dx10. I'd recommend win7 x64.
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