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Thread: Static radar landing system RSP-6M2

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    Nice stuff! Thank you!

    Is there any chance to turn on/off the generator and the anmation of the radar? That would be great...

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    Getting an error message

    I'm getting a warning message like this:

    "Bad version 50 in p3d file 'fgs_provod_3m\provod_3m.p3d"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lorca View Post
    I'm getting a warning message like this:

    "Bad version 50 in p3d file 'fgs_provod_3m\provod_3m.p3d"

    This strange, such error to me did not meet.

    This message arises during start of game or in the editor? And, can you skip this message?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hand of MoscoW View Post
    This strange, such error to me did not meet.

    This message arises during start of game or in the editor? And, can you skip this message?
    In the editor. And no, I can't skip the message because when I close the message it sends me to my desktop.

    Btw, what name should I write for the addon folder?

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    Hi all!

    I have decided not to open a new theme for following releases, I will continue in this. I will remind about my previous message, for those who not in a course:

    "Now I don't have time and possibility to do a radar and S-300P up to the end. And most likely won't be.
    I have closed all projects, but the majority of people wants these additions at least in that kind in which they at me were. And there is a lot is not completed: textures, scripts, LODs etc. I then have decided that I will release these additions on the beta stage. That it would be possible to play them ArmA2. Now I complete them on a minimum."

    I have some ready things for release, on video it is shown that today I will present:

    Now one after another...


    The Soviet/Russian height-finding radar (altimeter) PRV-13, Nato codename "Odd Pair"

    download PRV-13 beta

    The PRV-13 beta contains:
    • PRV-13 switched off

    • Three various operating modes

    • generator( Static model, with cables animations)

    P-37 (update version)

    The Soviet/Russian early warning radar P-37, Nato codename "Bar Lock", is intended for investigation of the air opponent, definitions of coordinates on range, an azimuth of air object, and also for prompting on the purpose of the fighters and surface-to-air missile systems (in real life).

    download P-37 beta v.0.1

    The P-37 beta contains:
    • P-37 in a search mode

    • P-37 switched off

    • The generator on base Zil-131 (can be driving)

    • Antenna on base Zil-131 (can be driving)

    Also textures on a roof and .rvmat on wheels have been corrected.

    Objects for Radars (update version)

    download Objects for Radars v1.2

    • Textures have been corrected.

    • I will remind, If you want to put radar on a concrete placement (Hill2), use a command:

    PHP Code:
    this setposATL [getposATL this select 0getposATL this select 11.49
    • If you want to put radar on a earthen hill (Hill1), use a command:

    PHP Code:
    this setposATL [getposATL this select 0getposATL this select 14.71
    At towage of the tractor of the trailer scripts aren't used, all is based on interaction geometrical lod's:

    Not ideally certainly, the trailer isn't so stable, but works.

    Bonus pack ZiL-131

    download Bonus pack ZiL-131
    • ZiL-131 with tent

    • ZiL-131 without tent

    • ZiL-131 The tow tractor(It can be used together with the trailer)

    This version ZiL has the simplified animations, in difference from presented above, but at them it is possible to damage wheels or glasses.
    And in general, all models can be destroyed. (There are damagehide.) Truth not such detailed.

    Original model Zil-131(OFP) and textures - Alex j.
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    Looks great, downloading now.

    Is the Objects for Radars zip corrupted? I can't open it, and I've downloaded it 3 times from the
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    Many thanks for these
    "Culpam Poena Premit Comes"

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    Incredible...I love Russian stuff.

    Many THX !

    Join K-5, one of the only european team with 100% russian stuff !

    RHS Member

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    great stuff man. question though? where did you get those aircraft that are shown in the video? I don't remember seeing any Tu-160s, An-12s or MiG-25s being released

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