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Thread: Static radar landing system RSP-6M2

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    Static radar landing system RSP-6M2

    My first radar is ready.


    Made in Soviet Union, she was upgraded and also it is used to this day on civil and military airdromes.
    She was designed to protect aircraft landing under adverse weather conditions.
    Equipment include:
    1. Radar Landing System-6M2
    2. Generator-6M2


    In addition, is offered to use cables connections for different devices.

    This adds in game the cables of different pieces and directions, necessary for the connection radars systems, generators and another static equipment.In the future will be added "Objects for radars" by different auxiliary things, which connected with the given subjects.
    For economy of time, the structure addon includes mission "CablesForRadars.utes", with the prepared cables combination and various configurations and length. What to use the necessary example for the mission, use "CopyPaste".
    Also holding right "Shift" and moving a mouse upwards or downwards it is possible to rotate the necessary combination.

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    Download site not working properly.

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    Ok, has changed on

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    Maaaan. Great work!

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    Public FTP available, just check the FAQ.

    HMM........wonder what it is huh?

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    Link to mirror :

    Radar Landing System RSP-6 (v 1.0) :

    Objects for Radars (v 1.0) :

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    Wow, Thanks for making this mod. It give airfield and un-improved airfield just what they need!

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    Looks very cool m8.
    D,loading now.Thanks.

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    This looks outstanding. Reminds me of that cool samsites from various hardcore flight simulators
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