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Thread: Trying to find high quality 'clean' military and scientific style buildings/resources

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    Trying to find high quality 'clean' military and scientific style buildings/resources

    I do hope this is the right area, as I see no other appropriate forums area to post in regards to such sought after addons.

    I'm very interested in working on a somwhat simplistic SP campaign which involves the player as a sole individual working in enemy base locations involving a lot of close quarters combat, in similar tradition to the original Project IGI game by Eidos. Something a bit more reasonable and fun than an island wide project like Kolgujev Conflict that died..

    Spent the entire weekend searching out resources, and have only so far found one feasible map (Watkins), apart from that having major issues finding high quality militaristic/scientific style buildings with interiors.

    Found a few decent concrete slab items provided by the game itself which can be used in a very limited form to create some bunkers through the usage of the 3DE editor, but it's a whole 3 items.

    The idea is to have a fair number of small to medium sized quality based interior providing buildings in each enemy base location, those of which their interiors will then be somewhat heavily populated by various objects in detail by hand to provide high quality immersive interiors. The 'clutter' volume is certainly abundantly avaliable, the buildings themselves is becoming a struggle.

    I would happily take any suggestions of any form, I've already spent so much time trying out various map and resources mods 10 more would be nothing.

    As a side note I do have the addon pack for Ensk Island, of which a few bunkers were found that may have some limited usage (very small and simplistic in design). Apart from that using the addons provided by Map Misc, Map Eu, and have sorted through all of the original Bis provided addons.

    Again, truly appreciate any info at all on this, I've just come back to Arma after a few years of being gone, I'm fairly certain there are some great resources out there made by great modders that could be incorporated, but I am not digging up much through google.
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    This is something I can offer you.


    Sadly user made building packs are notoriously problematic in respect to indoor combat, mostly thanks to them almost always having things such as walls you can shoot/walk trough...etc.
    Your best bet to make something resembling indoor combat would be to build a sort of complex yourself from the objects and buildings already present in the vanilla edition of the game. For that I can recomend you this tool.


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    When searching for specific addons the addon request thread (sticky) should be used.
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