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Thread: AI helicopter pilot to rotate helicopter?

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    AI helicopter pilot to rotate helicopter?

    I am trying to find a way to get a helicopter pilot to rotate in the direction of a laser target. When playing as gunner, the setting of waypoints via the move command have to be apprx 200 meters from the heli.

    Any help would be appreciated. Have tried dotarget but this gives me an error.

    Dowatch and lookat don't work either.


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    I personally don't think anything will work. In any vehicle with an AI driver... being a gunner is almost impossible. That's just my opinion however.... maybe others have different ideas about it.

    You can rotate the helo by using setDir.... but this is not an ideal solution.

    The code below will rotate a helo. This particular code was used to rotate a helo on landing so that it points to the direction it came in to the LZ.

    _dir = getDir _helo;
    //turns the helo
    for [{_i=0},{_i<180},{_i=_i+1}] do {
    	_helo setDir _dir + _i;
    	sleep 0.01;
    You would have to keep applying the setDir to the helo every .x seconds to keep it pointing at the target. What this will end up looking like I have no idea.
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    Have you tried setFormDir?
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    this works, at least for a SP mission:

    setFormDir only works on man units.
    My scripts:

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    Cheers will play around with some of these suggestions and see if I can get a simple N,S,SW,SE,NW,NE direction system happening. I can confirm that Setformdir only works on man units.

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