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  • I agree the future is digital download!

    37 63.79%
  • No the future is DVD consoles, Retail games outlets will never die!

    6 10.34%
  • On line consoles is the way to go!

    1 1.72%
  • The future is one game to rule them all!

    8 13.79%
  • It will all be replaced by some thing we have not seen yet!

    6 10.34%
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Thread: Death of Retail. No future for the High Street and the Mall?

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    Online distribution of course. I'll most likely buy the upcoming BIS titles through sprocket but I'll also buy them as retail. It's always nice to have something you can actually hold in your hands (also don't forget about nice manuals you can read on the way home), not just some 1's and 0's on your harddrive.

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    I buy a majority of things online but when my HDD died a last week I was very happy that there were three computer stores in town. I only wish I needed them often enough to be of any use to them. As far as software, I haven't bought a music CD since 2000, or a DVD since probably 2005. I can't see hanging onto these discs either.

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    Would say that more and more publishers are trying to sell small packages instead of a big great games. Something that can be very profitable with exclusive digital distribution only. Imagine they'll strip out at least 30-40% off the full game and sell it over the next months for $10 each as DLC. Seems to be a win-win for publishers and the online distribution company...

    Guess sooner or later we will see some more restrictive systems that force the potential customer in a one-way road to buy + play games.

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    Unfortunately retail will go the same way as Movie Rental stores.

    But I STILL like my peice of round plastic ...... !

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    Quote Originally Posted by [APS]Gnat View Post
    But I STILL like my peice of round plastic ...... !
    That can easily be misinterpreted.
    VBS Designer

    Quote Originally Posted by Armored_Sheep View Post
    I like to call Arma a sandbox game that works pretty much like LEGO - you buy it not just because you want to have a nice car from the main picture on its box, do you?

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    The future even if you like it or not is pushing and being pushed to pure digital everything not just games, cashless, swipe cards, phone swiping, you name it everything is up for the digital transfer ... and then as we are blinded by how cool it all is, none of us have our hands on the off switch, and trap door opens as we are left silently swinging.


    Personally I would rather have it as it is now, a mixture of the two, but it doesn't take a 2 year old to work out the way things are going. What i dont like game topic wise is the notion we have only Steam and a select few for downloads, and this marketing affiliation shite with Steam .. IE software developers sucked into the net of the publishers all striking deals with say "Steam only" ... i can see more of that shit happening as things become more dependent on digital only.

    I stepped into the digital download abyss with Sprocket and also using Game UK download recently (since up to Operation Arrowhead release I was always physical purchase). I thought they were ok as it was a case of download and key and no "stuck in the steam bubble bloat ware crap").

    Strangely some games I dont care of too much like "fun" games I can digital download it, plus digital download is actually strong in the sense that it holds an infinite list of purchase so no "out of stock".

    But things Like Arma2 and 3 I would want to own physical copy.

    I say keep it mixed (even though it wont stay that way) and keep digital as a good place as archive for older games as the plus part.

    I purchased batman Arkham Asylum recently, now this is a good example. Game £14.99 and most other places, then physical copy from Amazon icl postage = £7.99. So another argument is still high cost for the fact that its only bandwidth and other overheads to deal with than middleman and physical distribution and moving stock. I mean as in fixed prices that match the high street, yet its not physical and so no packaging, shipping etc overheads, which I find strange. Its just the one shot package and install data and bandwidth transfer ... once that's set-up and covered the profits are large.

    I also am not a fan of this "download as you wish pay us monthly" either, seems that also is unbalanced with money made from it based on what you actually will get and its again, only bandwidth and server maintenance costs.

    What im trying to say is there should be a direct reduction in asking price from digital download stores, yet they are not, so why not support physical to keep it alive seeing as its only the benefit of convenience than cost. I have only been dipping into digital for cheap things and older bargain games at the moment, not sure im willing to pay matching asking price for digital, so I will support physical for full price things for now.
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    Digital distribution will (if it hasn't already) take over. It seems that most of the opinions here are from the point of view of customers, but digital distribution mostly benefits the developers. I would say from a developer point of view, digital distribution is hands-down a much better option, and at the end of the day the devs have gotta chose the best approach for them to stay in business.

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    Prefer DVDs. Especially until internet is fast enough to match a DVD in install speed. Online distribution by whatever means is obviously the future. A future I reluctantly accept.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Dawg KS View Post
    Digital distribution will (if it hasn't already) take over.
    Not only is it more convenient (see my previous post) its better for the environment too. No plastic (disks, boxes) no paper (manuals, cover art), and no production waste (to make all the aforementioned).

    Do we really need a disk and a box at the end of the day?


    The theory behind that is that it either drives cost down for the end user (no box or shipping to pay for) or increases profit for the producer (which in the case of "indie" companies like BIS or Mojang is nothing but a good thing. Still have to deal with the corporate evils tho...)
    Quote Originally Posted by ***LeGeNDK1LLER*** View Post
    well you are 1 of the greatest examples that pressing the reply button doesn't mean necessarily answering.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Inkompetent View Post
    Prefer DVDs. Especially until internet is fast enough to match a DVD in install speed. Online distribution by whatever means is obviously the future. A future I reluctantly accept.
    The god awful YuPlay service (the wannabe Steam), had one positive amenity: torrent downloads.

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