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Thread: ARMA 2 Free

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    Will people who bought the full version be able to play on the free version's servers? I'd love to be able to play with some of my friends without having to DL another 5-10gigs of the same game.

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    Deploy user-made scenarios and play together on the same premium game-servers, as long as they don't depend on additional content
    AA2Free users will be able to play with us
    ArmA2: "Doc, I'm wounded, I can barely aim and I'm bleeding badly, come on pull my body out of the harm's way and treat me before I die!"
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    Guess two years post-release aren't enough to make ArmA3 at least half as dumbed down.

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    Ah, missed that. Thanks!

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    I can't find anything about the maps it will include. I guess they will be the Arma2 ones at least.

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    WOW BIS just comes out with surprises !!..

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    I think this is the biggest thing BIS have done since starting their company! 3 major titles, and one free game!

    BIS we love you long time

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    So can ArmA 2 Free clients and Paid clients intermix?

    Either way, well done BIS!

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    In terms of MP, read a few posts above yours, BOTA:16. It will not be able to play with OA, BAF or PMC content, however.

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    Reminds me of how Id made the original DOOM so popular, well played BIS!
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    Zipper5: but ppl could buy the AO, BAF and install it on Free version?
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