I've played v1.2 recently. Here's my thoughts:

Intro is quite good. Actually, I missed satelite picture in the center of camera, also Bin Laden's position in the city when US system's spotted him was ridiculous. It made me to think "Bin Laden wouldn't be so silly in reality". Try to fix this thing by setting him in cover (building, augmented area, between walls, etc.) and maybe you should modify intro as it is told that only secret informator, which, for example, works for US army and earns great money, reported about possible Bin Laden's setlement in the town player's squad is about to storm. IMO, this would make mission more realistic, because it's not possible to locate most wanted terrorists leader using satelite.

Also, you can use random position script to change BL location every time mission starts. Replayability will increase because of it. Random patrols around the area would be perfect, too.

Add an additional objective like 'destroy ammo/fuel/whatever supplies' or 'retrieve very secret and important documents from BL's house'. Maybe both. It's your decision to make.

Outro has a problem - it doesn't end, you probably forgot to eliminate black screen by the end of it and destroy camera. Or maybe... just put End #1 trigger.

Well, good luck with this. It has potential, but still needs work.