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Thread: [SP] [OFP] Operation Jeronimo

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    [SP] [OFP] Operation Jeronimo


    Author : Aldo15
    Version: 1.2
    Required : Ofp v 1.96

    Laser's US weapons
    JAM 3
    Afghanistan Island
    CoCoC mines
    Editor 103

    You will also need the objects from BAS' Tonali island
    Note:Cope and paste the below URL into your explorer for it to work properly.

    Mission Summary

    US Army's operations center has detected Osama's fortress with the satelite. Now the US president has decided attack him and kill him. You've been chosen for him to command this operation. Your objective is kill Osama Bin Landen. In the mission you'll have the air and squad Bravo support

    Known Bugs:

    *None at moment


    *Custom Music
    *Air support by Balistic addons studio but it was modified by me
    *Spark, fire and smoke scritp by CSLA team but it was modified by me
    *Custom texts
    *Heli dust script by Csla II team

    Some pictures:

    Mission Download
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