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Thread: New campaign - Spetsnaz Pride!

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    Spetsnaz Pride - new campaign

    New campaign - Spetsnaz Pride!

    Storyline: After serving lots of years, having survived many crucial moments and being shocked because of cruel views in bloody Chechnya, Spetsnaz team, which always been a part of elite military platoon, has signed a contact for participation in hostile-controlled island of Nogova.

    Surely, Spetsnaz have never expected truly simple operations for highly-paid actions and they probably knew what this all will be about! They must start taking part in liberation of Nogova from local murderers, which are mainly supported by NATO forces, holocaust.

    Rapid genocide of local nations must be stopped and there's only way to do this - act as fast as imposible and seek for appropiate revenge against joint enemy forces. Althrough, Russias haven't invaded Nogova, but they will in near future - until that, Spetsnaz must operate on their own and survive in horrible conditions.

    The question is - will you lead them to success?



    • Intros & Outros
    • Detailed briefing & notes sections for every mission
    • Dynamics to increase overall replayability
    • Realistic mission design
    • Quite complex and thinking-requiring missions, which will test your skills
    • Co-op

    *Note that all of the features mentioned here will be only in the playable beta version of whole campaign!

    Campaign will also be playable with:

    • WW4 2.5 Modpack
    • WGL 5 mod
    • FDF mod

    Spetsnaz Pride is a singleplayer & multiplayer coop type campaign.

    Currently avaiable missions to download & play:

    Plans: Whole campaign, containing all planned missions, should be released this year. More episodes coming soon, but they won't be released in a row.

    Stay tuned and provide feedback on currently avaiable parts of Spetsnaz Pride! Keep in mind that every opinion or even constructive explanation of things you've experienced is appreciateable and helps me to improve overall quality.

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    Hyperbole aside....

    I happen to love Russian missions - especially in English! Top notch. I'm looking forward to the full campaign.

    Minor criticism: More Russian weapons in the selection screen. It's not impossible - I guess - for Spetsnaz to have Western weapons. But I think it'd be better if there was a more realistic loadout of GP-25s, PKMs, and Dragunovs.

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    Downloading it! I'll tell you my review then ok?

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    @Jagermeisters: I'll fix weapon selection "mistake" in the full release. Glad you like Russian-side missions. In my opinion, they add something really great to OFP/ARMA:CWA overall atmosphere. Variety is always good.

    @Aldo15: Sure, it's great when you play and provide useful feedback.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Inlesco View Post
    Variety is always good.
    here is THE ultimate variation:
    come and play. we are just preparing to open new server with WW2+Nam collection.

    nice job Inlesco, ill add to our server if u released fixed version.

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    @Jagermeisters: I forgot to mention what kind of an idea I had by letting Spetsnaz team to use NATO weapons without any restrictions - in fact, they're a bit more efficient in the combat, suitable ammo can be found in Nogova (from corpses, crates, vehicles, etc.), if you run out of mags. Also, there might be some unusual tactical decision by special forces unit to fool resistance & NATO infantry when using friendly-side weapons. Well, this idea is quite weird but it's all fine, IMO. As I said, more russian weapons will be added to increase selection.

    @Incubus: Thanks, mate. The collection of mods you've showcased is really cool.

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    Yeah, US and Russian weapons together sound best. I have my own custom config going on; Bizons are AS Vals and AK-74s are AKS-74s. I always relish the chance to use them in missions.

    This is just a suggestion for future missions. Some of the coolest missions I've played allow you to control a vehicle as part of the squad. Sometimes, it's something simple like a Mi-8 to transport you from hotspot to hotspot (so cool). Other times, it's a BMP attached to the squad, and I have to figure out how to use it effectively. I mean, if I send a BMP in alone, it'll be destroyed quite easily. But if my squad goes in first to supress enemy infantry, the BMP can provide fire support from far away (also so cool).

    Anyway, just a suggestion.

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    @Jagermeisters: Good idea, I'll try to find a script or even code my own which lets player to control vehicles by selecting a single point on the map and clicking on it. I've seen such an option in some multiplayer scenarios I've played in the past. Or maybe Drongo's Toolkit would be a great solution! Sometimes it's hard to make a proper choice.

    I guess your didn't try to point out that I should only add a couple of pilots sitting in their chopper to Spetsnaz team what would let to control them successfully, but it can break entire immersion of an operation feeling probably.

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    Wink Some eye-candy pictures

    The progress on the campaign was quite slow lately, but of course I haven't abandoned this project and it's still alive, due to be released "when its done", as add-on makers love to say (no doubt others too ).

    I'm here to present you some of the pictures of the last works.

    I'm also surprised that almost nobody is interested in this project. Should I drop it because of low community interest and switch to Arma2+OA completely?

    Anyway, here's the eye-candy stuff:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Inlesco View Post
    I'm also surprised that almost nobody is interested in this project.
    Guess, everybody's playing WW4 in MP.
    But hey, it's your first news since October! Don't expect people to comment when it's nothing new to show I'm sure that your campaign will get a lot of attention when it'll be out - we don't have too much campaigns which focus on the "bad guys"!

    Keep up and good luck!

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