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Thread: Authentic Mediterranean island

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    Authentic Mediterranean island

    How about trying to figure out which one it is based on the info from the ARG
    and looking at the available screenshots?

    Does it make sense?

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    i can tell you right now: it is Lemnos

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    No idea if I was beaten to the punch, but I believe I've found the location of the first screenshot:

    (edit: 39° 53'57.80"N, 25° 4'16.28"E in case it's unreadable)
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    That looks like a winner, mate.

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    Yeah, this is the place
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    Pardon my French. but that is pretty fucking accurate!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hoot1988 View Post
    Pardon my French. but that is pretty fucking accurate!
    Pretty damn fucking amazing as well!

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    Certainly a very interesting shape to make a good tactical and strategical base.

    Ref first shoot:

    This one might be possible to find in google earth too:

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    Wow all these great feature and a new engine to boot.. But will there be ionic columns?
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