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Thread: Arma 3 Officially Announced!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CannonousCrash View Post
    Must be a typo, as they've missed off '3d' just before the word editor!

    Heres hoping!

    I dont think BIS would stop the game from being modded. Its what the community is pretty much based on.

    Port it to consoles so peasants can play too!
    I mean the page states 'full-scale'. What is meant by 'full-scale' if not full-scale aka complete!? I guess scripting with the editor only is not full-scale, or is it?!
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    I was just getting into ArmA 2.

    Oh well, this new one looks great. Whereas ArmA 2 was basically a new and improved version of OFP, this ArmA 3 looks like an entirely new game altogether. The physics engine and new animations is what has me hooked. Hopefully, they'll have better voice acting than ArmA 1 and ArmA 2, *shudders*.
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    Interesting Mi-28/Ka-50 combo there looks awesome....

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    Hi good afternoon, we are a Spanish clan that play a lot to Armed Assault, we've been playing since I haora gun gun II and expansions.
    We are very excited about this great news of the next release that puts it early in June 2012.
    On behalf of our clan we would like to participate with everything about the weapon III
    Beta testings etc ... count on us for any test you need.
    We have very powerful computers which help you test this game will leave the link to our clan forum we call Wolfpack
    We have computers from i5 to i7 processors and powerful graphics of which 260.295 GTX 460 480 greeting thanks

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    Hope there's clarification on some of the bullet points listed above soon. Though I'm guessing it'll be some time before the next round of official info is released...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sickboy View Post
    Woohoo, congrats BIS

    The following sentence seems a bit contradicting;
    "Completely extensible & moddable - design & create countless customizable scenarios using the intuitive & easy-to-use mission editor."
    Fully extensible and modable - just through the mission editor, or like now?
    Like now, just trying to keep it simple for the derps, obviously you guys here understand the modding/editing side of what our games offer
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    Awsome news!

    Congratulations on all this BIS

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    Looking forward to this! Nice screens!

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    I will not be taking part in the contest, but I support it 100%! Great idea, BIS!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Placebo View Post
    Like now, just trying to keep it simple for the derps, obviously you guys here understand the modding/editing side of what our games offer


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    A really functional 3D editor in game?

    Please, say yes .-.

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