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Thread: Improved BRDM2 units

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    Improved BRDM2 units

    v2.2 UPDATE! Merry Christmas!

    Fixed some minor issues-

    v2.2: 12/24/2011

    FIX: AI Targeting issue (zamerny point not centered).

    FIX: Some thermal textures not mapped properly.

    FIX: Aiming reticle on 9M14 was not centered.

    FIX: 9M14 3D model turret movement.

    v2.1: 11/13/2011

    NEW: Readme updated with more comprehensive information!

    NEW: Revised camo patterns: Russian Modern Camo, Desert Tan camo (Takistan Locals), PMC Black, PMC Grey, Police Civilian Blue, UN white

    NEW: Revised camo netting patterns (see below).

    FIX: Minor texture mapping issues

    FIX: Shadow model issue

    FIX: MG M2 Model issue

    FIX: Police barricade texture issue

    FIX: Police Door issue (getin-getout)

    Download Link: https://skydrive.live.com/?cid=5b54f...7917265%211443

    v2.2 MLOD Download: https://skydrive.live.com/?cid=5b54f...7&sc=documents

    Daylight Viewable Police Lights and Deployable Police Checkpoint (also police horn, sirens and dashboard switches). Note that police checkpoint is deployable with the Patrol model only!

    Static AT Launchers:

    9M14/9M14-P Malyutka (NATO: AT-3):

    9K111 Fagot (NATO: AT-4):

    9K113 Konkurs (NATO: AT-5):

    v2.0 Changelog:

    https://byfiles.storage.live.com/y1pl3MECZDgKG1Dg3zFtjxOuzkTBfeNRMqaAn8U1Z49Ylh3PMK yioxPHuMdBfroOqqHhgSUI0hjR04/brdm2imp_v2_showcase.jpg

    Complete Changelog Information included in readme!

    Images of every model are found on page 6 and 8 of this thread...and my skydrive site, along with examples of their real-world counterparts



    Classnames listed in the readme!

    - BRDM2: Baseline standard BRDM2 armed with PKM and 14.5mm KPVT.

    - BRDM2-M: Russian M model - PKM and 23mm KPVB armaments, right side muffler only, smoke launchers x6, searchlight, gunner spotlight.

    - BRDM2-M-AGS: Russian M model with additional AGS17 vehicle launcher.

    - 9P148: 9M113 Konkurs (AT5) ATGM model (improved model and AT5 behavior and reload times)

    - 9P124: (AT2) ATGM model.

    - 9P122: 9M14 Malyutka (AT3) ATGM model.

    - 9P133: 9M14 Malyutka-P (AT3C) ATGM model.

    - BRDM2-TOW: IDF converted captured BRDM units with open-top TOW launcher and smoke launchers. Many of these were recently purchased by the CDF.

    - BRDM2-MG-M2: M2 GPMG open top conversion model used by CDF. Based on TOW model, that the CDF converted for an armored border patrol vehicle.

    - BRDM2-MG-M240: M240 MG open top conversion model used by CDF, similar to M2 MG model. Based on TOW model.

    - BRDM2-Mk19: Mk19 GL open top conversion model used by CDF, similar to M2 MG model. Based on TOW model.

    - BRDM2-MG-M134: M134 MG open top conversion model used by PMC. Based on TOW model. PMC purchased these from CDF to supplement their patrol capabilities. Same armor as Armored SUV!

    - BRDM2-Police (barricade): Police model with fence barricade and spotlight based on real-world vehicle. Used by both civilian and military factions. Transport cargo equipped with selected police armaments.

    - BRDM2-Police (patrol): Armored police patrol model with light bar and spotlight based on real-world vehicle. No barricade on this model.

    - BRDM2-HQ: HQ model with antenna hubs and "gunner" position. Equipped with additional radios. Can be used to simulate availability of command and support options.

    - BRDM2-HQ-C2: HQ command-control model with deployable observation mast. Laser designator is primary weapon. This model is intended to simulate various real-world "command vehicles". Perfect for MP use!

    - BRDM2-MG-PKM: Dual-gun PKT Model with dual mounted PKTs and gunner turret hatch. Model converted from chemical reconnaissance version (BRDM-2-RKhb). New magazines (and tracers) to provide adequate ammunition supply.

    - BRDM2-RKT: Improvised rocket pod mount used by rebels and insurgents. Modelled after real world vehicle mods. Uses S-8 Launcher (Russian aircraft rocket pod) with proper 32 round 80mm rocket magazine. Pod is mounted to main gunner turret to allow AI to use weapon.

    - BRDM2-ASRAD: Air Defense model using the ASRAD short-range air defense system. Stinger missiles are default armament on the CDF version. The ASRAD targeting system is less susceptible to countermeasures and provides very short acquisition and engagement times.

    - BRDM2-DSHK: Modified BRDM-2 with .50 cal DSHK main gun used mostly by rebels and insurgents with limited resources.


    9M113 (AT5), 9M111 (AT4), 9M14-F (AT3c) and 9M14 (AT3) static launchers are modelled to enhance AT crew capabilities. Static Launcher / Backpack classnames listed at the end of this document.

    - Using the static launchers you can enhance AT scenarios that can have an AT3/AT3c/AT4/AT5 static launcher deployed in ambush alongside a launcher vehicle. This is apparently a tactic used by real-world AT units to enhance their effectiveness. A proper simulation would include RPG units to round out the perimeter. Groups have been created to simulate this deployment.

    - The static launchers can be disassembled to backpacks for storage in vehicle cargo, like any of the OA static equipment.

    - The static launchers have their own ammo! The ammo cannot be shared from the vehicle to the static launcher without scripting.

    - Static launchers all have a deployable camo net. Camo for desert/woodland selections that vary by faction.

    - To avoid excessive backpacks cluttering up the editor, only East/West/Independent and E/W/I Desert units and backpacks are modelled!

    Texture Sets and Hidden Selections are completely documented in the readme!

    Texture Sets for every faction and logo/decal emblems. Support for custom squad logos via use of the hiddenselectiontextures (see readme).

    GROUPS :
    Groups added for every model and static launchers to support ACM.


    Thanks to BIS for releasing the original Arma1 models and making such great games! I've been a fan since the original OFP demo!

    BRDM2IMP Mod by hcpookie

    Credit to Vilas for police emblem texture, police light textures and police light bar model (adapted from his public MLOD release).

    Credit to Xeno426 (of TGW) for giving me the idea of the "stored fuel" variable to ensure parked vehicles when deployables are used, and for the weapon zero settings.

    Thanks to W0lle and the CRW2 team for providing guidance on the destroyable tires!

    Thanks to Gnat for the great O2 tutorials.

    Thanks to Foxhound for the mirrors!

    Thanks to all who answered my questions on the forums!


    Models based on Arma1 sample models. This mod is ONLY for use with BIS games! You are free to do anything you wish with it so long as it is for a BIS game!
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    did you are planing to make some with a metis, a version with multiple DSHKM and one with a 76mm canon ( i don't know if it's possible, but i remember seeing some vehicules with a canon on them like the stryker MGS ) ?

    anyways that's nice work you've done

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    Is the TOW really so much better than the Konkurs to justify having a single tube that you have to reload with every shot instead of half a dozen launchers ready to waste a whole tank platoon in a minute?

    But that's neither here nor there.

    Is there going to be a 23mm autocannon version?

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    looks like its fully able to swim

    can you confirm this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PurePassion View Post
    looks like its fully able to swim

    can you confirm this?

    Another thing about the Polish model is that they have remodelled the interior by removing the belly wheels to make room for more people. Empty, it can hold *7* people total! Crewed it can hold 4 in cargo.

    I'm actually making several versions and I'm trying to pick models that are deployed IRL in one way or another. Since there are so many ways to arm these scout cars, I'm not sure how many variants I'll make. For example there's a flag marker model for NBC environments, and a mine layer model. I don't think they would be useful in-game so I don't plan to make those models. There's reportedly a mortar version that was built in Cuba, but it isn't in full-scale deployment AFAIK.

    Speaking of other models, I saw that Afghanistan even welded an aircraft wing pylon to a turret (upside down) and mounted a rocket launcher! That would be... interesting. But I don't think it would be "realistic" to model that. Also looking at the -M version used by Russia in one way or another. I know of two models, one with the gun and one with the AGS-17 as well. I would also like to make a civvy model for a police/UN peacekeeping checkpoint scenario but not sure how to go about making the flashing light. It appears the typical police lights are just scripted on-off lights that are in a quick loop. May have to do it without lights, not sure yet.

    The extra features are there to enhance online game play as well - all the stuff I added for the port of Franze's SA9 is going to be in these (gauges, turn out options, etc).

    I'm not planning to model the side-firing ports (via turret) as I don't really think it is necessary and won't really add to the unit effectiveness.

    About the use of the TOW missile - I know the TOW version was a retrofit made by the IDF using captured vehicles... perhaps they have better access to TOW missiles than AT5 missiles? I'm not trying to quesiton their purposes, but acknowledge that they did convert them and that the CDF wanted to buy some I know about the in-game AT5 launcher being just a teeny bit too fast vs. the real-world data. Plan to change that too

    I'm also researching how to model the IR headlights so that they can do some NVG driving. Not sure exactly how to go about that... I may need to build a new light model based on the searchlight, but I'm not sure exactly how to tweak it for NVG-only viewing. Maybe that can't be done?
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    Very nice addition to the game hcpookie !

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    Wikipedia lists a BRDM version with a 23mm gun instead of the usual 14.5/7.62 combo, used by Iraq. That sounds quite interesting to have in the game, just like the AGS-17 version you already mentioned.

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    Awesome project hcpookie !

    I took up a question a month ago in the addon request thread about the improving of the vanilla ArmA 2 BRDM-HQ. The vanilla HQ can only carry 2 guys, driver and commander. But there are two more seats in the back of the chassis, why are those not available ???
    There was no answer.

    So i decided to ask you about that too. Is it possible for you to make those BRDM HQs improve for 4 seaters ???


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    To follow the talk in private, the PSZ Mod team (more directly Dan, Maćko, sgt.pepper and me) was also working on BRDM-2 M96/M97.

    There are screenshots from some older WIP version:


    Side note: some of the features are done better by hcpookie, I guess we can cooperate a bit for the better of community

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    zGuba: You and your team are true modelers! I'm just a guy with a copy of Oxygen I replied to your message. I hope there is something in my config you find you can use for your great work!

    My models are of course based on the public BIS A1 models, so they won't look as good as the PSZ mod. My goal is more variety for the "allies". All my work/models/configs will be free for anyone to recycle. Once I release these I will upload the MLODs as well

    @ Vilman - The *standard* BRDM-2 is a scout vehicle. One of the seats are intended for use by the gunner when he is not manning the turret. Think "uparmored humvee"! Therefore seating capacity is indeed less than that of a "true" personnel carrier. In the standard BRDM-2, you technically only have room for one extra passenger. I have read different things that state that there is a radio man, co-driver, etc. that is sometimes present, so I will guess that any patrol, scout expedition, etc. will not have any extra seats. Furthermore, I believe the BRDM-2 is usually part of a motorized platoon meaning that it works beside a BTR, BMP, etc. and not by itself.

    Now that I've said that, the question is what can you do in-game? The gunner can't easily move between seats, and you don't really use a co-driver. So the basic empty BRDM-2 should be able to hold 4 people no matter what. The -96ik model of course was completely remodelled to hold more people - 6 or 7 by my count. This may be incorrect but I can't find anything about real-world data to describe the actual complement of troops it would carry on a patrol or insertion. I will modify this if and when I find real-world data to clarify the capacity. Perhaps zGuba has better intel than I do

    So about seating capacity - my configs will assume those extra seats are usable We will be able to squeeze 4 people in my vehicles except of course for the ATGM models which only carry 3 max.

    Here's what I have so far:

    "Basic" BRDM-2: 4 seats
    BRDM-2 TOW: 4 seats
    BRDM-2M-96ik (Polish model; subject to change when the PSZ mod arrives): 7 seats
    BRDM-2M (modernized Russian): 4 seats
    BRDM-2M-AGS (with AGS-17): 4 seats
    (also the SA9 which is a port of Franze's A1 unit)


    BRDM2-HQ / Comm: 4 seats
    BRDM2-ATGM (AT5/AT4): 3 seats
    BRDM2-ATGM (AT2/AT3) > Maybe

    Speaking of other models, I guess the Iraqi 23mm model should be included? What about:

    - Cuban mortar model?

    - Mine layer model?

    - Other models? Are there other command/HQ models with FLIR?

    - The Ozelot AA refit which appears to be a demonstration model. Basically an Igla pod on wheels! Not sure if that one was actually deployed past the prototype stage?

    I'm open to suggestions if anyone has any good ideas
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