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Thread: Iron Front - Liberation 1944, new WW2 game on A2:OA engine

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkhorse 1-6 View Post
    If it IS LibMod, then that means SARMAT, and we all know their track record, so your statement isn't exactly true.
    It's not Sarmat.

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    More money for you guys then yay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaveP View Post
    Lib 44 is different from i44
    Oh my mistake then

    Never mind!

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    Yay, Rank 34 of 47119 and catching up.
    Also short announcement on

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    Let's wait and see...
    Cross fingers that DeepSilver, X1 Software/KochMedia don't ruin the gameplay by making the game "Iron Front - Liberation 1944" too accessible and onesided/"biased".

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    DeepSilver havent been like that previously. Boiling Point that they published was very orginal. Super challening and ultra buggy, but quite great interesting game. I believe this Iron Front will be like the X1 Software have created it in the given time. Hopefully the campaign will be good with voice-actors.

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    DeepSilver is the publisher for Egosoft's X3, which tells me all I need to know. Awesome.

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    Congrats to the Russians then. This ought to be pretty good.
    Quote Originally Posted by vilas View Post
    Maybe it's that the OFP era community has retired and the CoD community era has begun? Demanding 12 year olds who must have something now
    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous
    Oh, almighty w0lle, grant this pilgrim safe passage through the craggy mountain passes of modding, and let him not be crushed by a boulder. If he should need a helping hand, let him find help on the forum from gnat or some other person.

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    I just like the idea that BI is licensing their engines for MOAR military combat fun -will support.
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    Wait a moment - is X1 Software the Libmod team or not?? I guess not because X1 is a German studio. Or is it?


    Anyway - wow! First independent game with the Arma 2 engine I know of (apart from BI products I mean)! Cool!

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