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Thread: footstep sounds and WSS files

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    Question footstep sounds and WSS files

    Hi again. I'm trying to make footsteps/crawling sounds louder in CWA. I unpacked the sounds.pbo but all the files are in WSS format. Importing these into Audacity just results in bursts of static. Is there any way to alter these files?

    Alternatively, is there any other mod that edits footsteps sounds only?

    Much thanks in advance!

    update: found a program that converts wss files to wav. unfortunately, they still give out bursts of static. is that really how it is?
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    If you want to modify how loud they sound like in game, as in how far they can be heard, you don't edit the sound files themselves but the config definitions. If you open the main config and go to class Man under CfgVehicles, you should find the section for sound definitions: class SoundEnvironExt. In there you should see a list of different sounds for different surfaces. Here's an example:

    The bolded part defines how loud the sounds are. Try playing around with it to get the results you want.

    Or if you actually wanted to change the sounds, there's a program for encoding and decoding WSS files, here:

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    That's exactly what I was looking for. Thank you very much! ^^

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